torsdag, juni 30, 2005

Begin at the Beginning

They say you never forget your first posting, which tends to inspire a bit of procrastination, at least in me, as I aim for the most original, innovative, and yet _funny_ posting ever in the history of blogging. To compound matters, you can't create a masterpiece without a theme, or so I've heard, and I have nothing of that sort.

But watch with me anyway as this all evolves into either 1) stream-of-consciousness-based chaos or 2) an interesting experiment in individual internet behaviour.

4 kommentarer:

Thor sagde ...

Hmmm jeg vi ha' et emne vil jeg. Ellers kan jeg jo ikke rigtig kommenterer på noget som helst.

Mvh Thor

Thor sagde ...


James Medhurst sagde ...

Hiya Kim. Welcome to blogspace! And I said that with no unnecessary lines through 'O's or circles above 'A's.

kimananda sagde ...

Unnecessåry? What øn eårth dø yøu meån?! ;-) Thanks for the welcome!