tirsdag, juli 19, 2005

The joys of being an old(er) woman

Yes, I have just a few short hours ago passed that major milestone of every woman's life, the first mammogram. I must say up front (so to speak) that I had not heard anything good about the mammography experience (except the obvious fact that it can enable cancer to be spotted at earlier, more preventable stages), and expected something uncomfortable or even painful. I was ready to compare the mammogram to learning to use a microscope in primary school biology classes, where you learn that to examine anything you must first separate it into really tiny slices, so that you can see all the cells.

But, the truth is...it was easy. I can't say it wasn't painful, but I suspect the pain was primarily my fault - when the technician tells you to say 'Stop' when the plate is pressing against your breast, that apparently does not mean that you should space out and think to yourself 'Hmmm, that's beginning to hurt, I wonder when she's going to stop the plate'. In fact, I recommend saying 'Stop' quite early. Other than that, it was quick and utterly uncomplicated. I recommend it to everyone, of any age, men or women. And it gave me the opportunity to see ultrasound readings without having to get pregnant.

And, best of all, here in Denmark, you get the results right away, so that I was able to come away from the x-ray place with an officially given mammographic clean bill of health. Very exciting. Stay tuned tomorrow, when I continue my 'major women's milestones' week with my first ever salon given facial. Gee it's nice to be a woman!

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Anonym sagde ...

Can we have the pics of the mammography on-line? :)Also we did not hear about the facial :( David

kimananda sagde ...

Hi David!

Sad to say, I did consider asking for the x-ray/mammography pics, so that I could put them with this post - but then decided that was just too obsessive. I'm also considering joining in the ever-popular Half Nekkid Thursday, but suspect that I won't end up revealing anything mammary. Sorry to disappoint you! ;-)

Facial news (and there was a manicure in there as well) forthcoming, but I am the (self-proclaimed) patron goddess of procrastination, so...hopefully before Christmas!