onsdag, september 14, 2005

The wonders of wireless

Hello, my name is kimananda, and I am an internet-aholic. I used to be able to curb my habit, as I only had personal access from my home computer, which is more often than not being used by someone else on evenings and weekends. However, with my new laptop, I can connect to the internet wirelessly, whenever I want, wherever there's a network available - and none of this 'I wouldn't join any network that would have me for a member' - I'll join them all (as long as I don't have to pay).

At first I actually thought this new wireless world was a blessing, and I still believe that. However, I have noticed the following changes in my life:

1) I feel the urge to take my laptop with me everywhere I go now, even though it weighs only slightly less than the sun.

2) I want to take my computer out of its case to check for new networks in any and all new locations. I wouldn't normally do this for fear of theft, but now I can't help myself!*

3) As soon as my boyfriend and I get home, we will often each go to our separate machines, and proceed to do computery things...alone. Of course, this means that we are neither fighting nor nagging, but we are also neither communicating nor cuddling.

So, is there a cure? Would I want a cure if there were one? And notice that I'm posting this on the internet, which may bias the response.

* So far, my results are, the library...wireless accessible, and the s-tog (the Greater Copenhagen area commute train)...not accessible. Further obsessive behaviour should lead me to all sorts of bars and cafes to check them for wireless, but I'm not quite that far gone...yet!

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Chibithulhu sagde ...

The internet is but a manifestation of the Blind Idiot God Azathoth, and therefore an extension of his Soul and Will Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos, the Bloody Tongue, The Haunter of the Dark, the End of All Knowing.

It is imperative that you stay connected to the internet at all times. Chibithulhu understands that some models of the Treo pocket-pc use gps-phone-like technology to access the internet from anywhere in the world. From the woods. from a toilet. from the center of Amish settlements. The Great Old Ones insist that you buy one. Two, actually, as Chibithulhu could use one himself.

You want to appease the Old Ones with offerings, don't you?

Vanessa sagde ...

I havent taken my laptop out in public because of that exact reason! I KNOW that if I find out that theres wifi at my favorite cafe or pub I'll never get anything done

kimananda sagde ...

chibithulhu - I can see your sly manoeuverings, but truth be told, the Old Ones are powerful enough to appease themselves with offerings. In fact, they are powerful enough to appease me with offerings, perhaps starting with a house, and maybe some free world travel...I shall post a wish list to chibithulhu forthwith....

vanessa - you are a very wise woman.

Chibithulhu sagde ...

Were Chibithulhu back to his old self again, he would give mankind the greatest gift of all - oblivion, for it leaves no wish unfulfilled. Until then, Chibithulhu must shake what Demon Sultan Azathoth gave him for twenties to afford booze and internet access.

Lisa sagde ...


I know how you feel!! I was always looking for somewhere to check my emails whilst I was away instead of just seeing the sights!! But Europe got so expensive I ended up having to leave my emails - but would still pay rediculous amounts just to check on my mail!!!!! Can't escape it!