mandag, februar 27, 2006

Just a melancholy Monday

I'm having one of those days, where everything is o.k., but lackluster. Perhaps it's because I've had the day off. I rarely feel I get enough done when I have so much time. Not that I didn't get anything done today. But, I took things slowly, and it was quite relaxing. Which means that it was also a bit stressful, in the sense that I always feel I should be moving ahead with things much, much faster. Of course I have a lot going on at the moment, thus a lot of reason to feel a need for efficient action. Which is not this patron goddess of procrastination's strong suit at least.

Now the day is almost over. I know that when I wake up tomorrow, everything will be back to normal. The rest of the week is filled with school, Danish lessons, work, meeting people. But for now, I look to nature to put some life back into me. These two photos were taken a few weeks ago in the woods behind our apartment building. I like the spacing between the trees, and I'm always fascinated by how branches (and things in general) become outlined in snow. Now of course, the snow is melting, though it's not gone yet. I hope that as the snow melts, so will this melancholy melt also, for me and for anyone else who needs it. Happy Monday!

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Connie and Rob sagde ...

I so hope the rest of your week is more upbeat for you. I know exactly what you mean about feeling you should be accomplishing more. I can never fully relax because I am thinking what I should be doing.

We must work really hard to get over that habit!! lol.


Devil Mood sagde ...

I have a similar problem when I have time and things to do: I never do everything I plan to and leave everything to the last minute and get all stressed out. It seems like I can't focus too much time in one activity.
Lovely pictures - but you should have been here today. It was one of those sunny, warm days when you just want to sit on the sun and nap :)

Chloe sagde ...

Mondays are like that, it'll be okay. we must keep saying this. hey it's Tuesday (in Greece)
Happy Tuesday then (and it's pancake Tuesday too, so that's what we should be accomplishing: pancakes)

d.K. sagde ...

I got through paragraph one of your entry tonight and thought - hmmm, Virgo. And yep. Takes one to spot one, I guess. I don't really believe in the astrology stuff, but some of it is pretty right on, like Virgos who feel restless because they actually have time on their hands that they could waste, legitimately. Ha. Enjoying your blog!

marybishop sagde ...

The sole purpose of Mondays is to be flat, lackluster and blah (unless it's your birthday of course) so that Tuesdays seem better and Saturdays seem wonderful.

Great photos, by the way

Long-time Monday hater...

Morningdew sagde ...

I felt the same yesterday which was Monday our time here in Asia (it's already Tuesday aftrenoon now) and the feeling's not quite gone yet. It's that feeling I get when I have so many words in my head but for some peculiar reason they bottle themselves up and won't let me take them out.

True Blue Guy sagde ...

recharge your batteries ! - I hardly have any free time and even weekends go by so fast finishing some pending task. Its good to have a slow day once in a while :-)

The snaps look lovely. I always love the way anyplace looks after the snow, all white - as if its just been blessed ( this of course when I am sitting in the safety of my car with the heat turned on)

have a great week ahead ! - cheers

al-Ferengi sagde ...

I am No. 8 to comment, yay ^_^; (pointless ;)))))))) )

Jack P Toerson sagde ...

There is something of an urban legend that depression is higher in Nordic countries.

Maddy sagde ...

I think I posted this once to
Chloe - but the body has three
states that it fluctuates between
naturally -
inertia - unable to get anything
done - mopy and tired

busy-busy - a state of energetic
whirlwing - tackling and embracing
everything in a fever of activity

and the best one - the perfect
state between the two - relaxed but

All that dinner-table talk exhausted you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Simple American sagde ...

Really nice to have nature waiting for you out the back door. I would love to walk through those trees. *sigh*

Autumn sagde ...

The woods look so peaceful. I think I would have spent my day exploring the woods.

kimananda sagde ...

Connie, thanks for the kind wishes. You are right that it's a habit to think we haven't done anything, even when we have.

Devil Mood, I am envious of the weather! We are still having snow flurries here. I still like the snow, but I'd like a bit of Spring more! :-)

Chloe, I think you're right. I feel much better now that it's Wednesday (and yesterday was good too, though I didn't have the time to post here).

DK, I hadn't thought of it as a Virgo thing, but it does make sense. So, perhaps it's going against my basic nature to change it? ;-)

Mary, you are so right. The closer it gets to the weekend, the better I feel!

Dew, I like that image, of words bottled up. I get the same thing with feelings, and maybe that's why it's hard to feel more than lackluster sometimes.

Blue, don't forget snow is also good for snowball fights, and snowmen...but yes, I tend to like it better when I'm inside watching it, too. Less cold that way!

Ms. Black Scorpio, tak for det! Tillykke! You are the only number 8 in this post!

Jack, I think I've heard that also, but I would predict that it's for people in the North of Norway or Sweden or Finland more than here. I'd love to see stats on it, though.

Madelyn, I like your theory, and I can identify with it. And finding that balance is very difficult.

Mr. American, they are nice woods, but very small. That doesn't mean that they aren't nice to walk around in, though.

Autumn, I've done that, but right now, the snow cycle here (snow, then it melts a bit, then more snow, then more melting, etc.) means that the paths are really icy. So, I'm waiting until the weather makes up its mind before going on any hikes by myself.

Etchen sagde ...

I find on doledrum days that it help to do something just for me--Treat yourself to something fun! Hope the rest of your week brightens up.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Etchen, that's a good idea...though I've developed the tendency to not be able to 'treat' myself very much. But I will try. And, my week has gotten much much better with a bit more to do.

HanktheDog sagde ...

Happy Friday. I hope spring will be just around the corner.

temppixie sagde ...

I love days like these, sometimes to sit back and do nothing( but take stunning photos) is food for the soul, which at times we starve!

Nabeel sagde ...

all monday's are meloncholy .. regardless of the weather .. monday is the day everyone goes back to work .. however monday's are not meloncholy if on tuesday u see a loved one ..