fredag, februar 17, 2006

København: med udsigt over de snedækkede søer

Whenever I post pictures of anywhere else, I feel a bit guilty that I'm slighting Copenhagen, which is after all where I live. No more of that for me. The reason: snow, which is still a relative novelty for me, and which I therefore still truly love. Though snow is not a very regular occurence here, when it happens, the city becomes brighter and more magical, despite the slushy dangerously slippery streets and transport delays.

Unlike the other three cities I've called home, I didn't feel at home right away here. Only after a couple of years and a lot of Danish lessons, have Copenhagen and I begun the long slow process of bonding. However there is one area with which I bonded much sooner, overlooking the lakes. The lakes are actually a semi-circle of man-made canals which was presumably at one point a division between town and outskirts, though now of course the city stretches far beyond in all directions. Some of these photos are pointing towards Nørreport and the pedestrianized areas of downtown. The other photos are pointing towards Nørrebro, one of the most vibrant, culturally diverse, and in my opinion coolest areas of town.

Soon after I first moved to Denmark, I started Danish classes at a school only a couple of blocks from here. I found the nicest way to get to class was to take the bus to where I could walk along the lakes first. Every morning was a new visual adventure, especially in the winter. One day, the water was beginning to freeze. The next, it was covered in snow. The next, the snow had melted a bit, and there were some cracks in the icy facade. And so on.

Of course the lakes have their charm in other seasons as well. There are birds, and sometimes swans, in warmer weather. Restaurants along both edges set up outdoor seating. But to every post its season, and so these summer pleasures will have to wait their turn. For now, please join me in celebrating the snow while it lasts.

title translation: Copenhagen: with a view of the snow-covered lakes.

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Vanessa sagde ...

That is so beautiful.
I believe I may have to add Copenhagen to my list of European cities to visit.

True Blue Guy sagde ...

Beautiful ! - nice snaps. I have never been to Denmark ever.

Like you it takes me a really long time to call any new place home. It takes me so long to get used to it that by the time I am ready to leave :(

Chloe sagde ...

oh i'm coming Kimananda. just wait for me at the airport.

Maddy sagde ...

Beautiful photo's - my favorite
is the last one. Lovely
presentation in your template
as well. Stylin'!

Morningdew sagde ...

I grew up in a country where snow comes to visit at the end of each year. And now it's been 23 years since I last felt snow in my hair, hands and skin. Send me some snow, please :-)

Morose sagde ...

A distant cousin on my dad's side of the family was mayor of Copenhagen once, i am told. I've wanted to go visit northern europe for years, but I have no money for travel and no time to learn the appropriate language. Thanks for the peek at what I'm missing!

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Vanessa! I would definitely recommend a stop in Copenhagen on your European trip. Keep in mind that there is a overnight cruise-shippy type boat between Oslo (which was on your list before, yes?) and Copenhagen which is, by Scandinavian standards quite reasonably priced, and also really fun, which would be a good way to link the two.

True Blue Guy, you are absolutely right. Right now I'm thinking that I'll have bonded just in time for going somewhere to get a PhD (which I hope to be doing in about a year and a half...though I might stay in Denmark to do it, of course).

Chloe, don't forget to let me know the flight you'll be on. ;-) But, seriously, when you do make your journey to Scandinavia, I'd love to meet you at the airport and show you a bit of Copenhagen. :-)

Madelyn, thank you very much! My blog has never been called stylin' before, so this is very exciting for me!

Morningdew, I would gladly send you some snow if I could do it without it becoming water on the way there. Where did you grow up?

Morose, I'll have to tell people now that I know someone related to an old mayor of Copenhagen! And, if you do get the finances to travel in Europe, especially Northern Europe, but the rest as well, actually, don't worry about the language. There are always people around who speak English. Of course, if you decide to move to Europe, then I'll change my mind and tell you something completely different...!

Connie and Rob sagde ...

Love your pictures. It just looks so beautiful there. Glad you are enjoying your snow. I think you got just the right amount for it to be fun.

Take care,

Morningdew sagde ...

Hi again. I grew up in London, but that was a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. I still call it home, though :-)

Chloe sagde ...

thanks thanks thanks !!! xxxx

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Connie, thanks! You're definitely right about the snow...actually, it's pretty much melted by now...but I'm hopeful it will come back for a few more days before Spring sets in.

Dew, I lived in London too, and loved it! Check your e-mail in-box to find a missive full of questions!

Chloe, uh, you're welcome, you're welcome, you're more than welcome?!!! ;-)

Simple American sagde ...

It is beautiful. I love the charm that old European architecture has and then the beauty of the places that folks settled.

So have ya met Hans Christian Andersen yet? ;)

Morose sagde ...

what, do European banks need collections agents? that's where the bulk of my experience/training is at this point, ignoring my education in Literature. I'm quite customer friendly and still bring in the money, but i imagine there'd be communication-issues, trying to ask people to pay their bill in a foreign language.

Morose sagde ...

i've lived in virginia for a little over a year, and still don't think of it as home. being in the mountains feels more home-ish to me than Florida ever did, though, but the culture is still a bit too American-Southern for me to feel fully at home.

Alessandro_PPG sagde ...

Beautiful pics!

Morningdew sagde ...

Hi Kim, I've responded to your email. Check your inbox!

Daphnewood sagde ...

well I will celebrate with you because I am so glad that the snow is with you instead of me. honestly, it shows that you are a very pleasant person because you see beauty in all seasons. The pictures are wonderful. It looks like a city I would definitely enjoy visiting.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Mr. American, I haven't met gamel (old) Hans yet, even though it was his 'year' last year. But, I have started reading his stories in Danish...does that count?

Morose, of course you would need to have some language skills if you were dealing with the public. However, the truth is that many people who move to another country find it difficult to get exactly the same type of job that they had. As for debt collectors, they must have something for all the Europeans who don't pay their bills! ;-) As for mountains, I too love them, but I don't see much of them in oh-so-flat Denmark!

Alessandro, thanks/obrigadissima!

Dew, thanks! I'm really good at blog correspondance, for some reason, but a bit slow at more meaningful, individual correspondance. I will write back tomorrow if I can though...I still have questions for you (insert maniacal laughter here!)

Hi Daphnewood! I wouldn't call myself pleasant, but I do enjoy the snow. I also really enjoy the Spring, and would like to see it there isn't any snow, but it's still cold!

Helen sagde ...

It looks a bit different from when we visited Copenhagen 2 summers ago! Thanks for stopping my by blog - good luck with putting up with your Melodi Grand Prix!! Helen

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Helen, and thanks for the return visit! Yes, Copenhagen is very seasonal, as I suppose Trollhättan is also. That's the beauty of it!

And the Melodi Grand Prix was a couple of weeks ago. We were quite into it this year, as we knew a co-writer of one of the songs (who was also a co-writer of the winning song last year, so the hype was big...he came in 3rd this year though, if I remember correctly...).