lørdag, marts 18, 2006

Here be dragons

The cross stitch dragon: I can go years without stitching anything, and then again I have phases where I stitch prolifically. Denmark seems to set off the prolific phases. When I'm truly into a project, I can easily spend hours and hours on it every day for weeks at a time. This one is from a Teresa Wentzler pattern, and I actually stitched it twice. Not one after the other, but at the same time, switching after each small section or sub-section. One late evening, after a day of stitching, and perhaps a glass of wine too many, it suddenly hit me that one dragon was named Fred, and the other one Clive. I of course quickly stitched their names on them, so that I wouldn't get them confused. The one in these photos is Clive. Fred was a birthday present for my brother, by which I mean that I showed him what it would look like on one birthday, started stitching soon thereafter, had it done a few months after that, and then framed it and gave the finished product to him for the following birthday.

The wooden dragon: we saw lots of 'do it yourself' wooden model kits when we were in China, but didn't buy any. I suppose we just didn't think we'd put them together, or if we did, then what would we do with them? Then, we saw them again in Prague, and bought loads for all the children in Thor's family, and one for Thor. Putting it together was a mess, until I realized that the instructions were in many cases wrong, and then it became fairly easy. The painting was a bit of a bore, so I let Thor do it, just disassembling dragon sections for him to do, and then reassembling them after they were dry. Now, we're both mad to get more, but haven't found them anywhere near us. So, it's high on our shopping list for whenever we find them.

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Connie and Rob sagde ...

Cross stitch is amazing to me. It is so beautiful and I think it is so hard. I have tried and cannot seem to master it.

You did a wonderful job on your dragons. The detail is lovely. You should be very proud.

Take care,

Devil Mood sagde ...

And yet another template change! I like it this way - especially the picture of the teapot, it's very zen :)
My mother has the most wonderful pieces of cross-stitch. It's a very relaxing activity and it becomes addictive :)

Chloe sagde ...

i agree with Devil, it's like a zen garden. xxx

Vanessa sagde ...

I like this new layout as well, and your stitching is beautiful! I've always liked the Teresa Wentzler designs, I have quite a few in my "to do" list.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Connie, thank you! I have been doing cross stitch for probably about 12 years now, and I think the reason I like it is because I've never found it too difficult, but have never found it too easy, either!

Ms. Mood, I'm glad you like the new look. And, yes, cross stitching is definitely addictive, and relaxing. It's just enough to keep the mind busy, but not so much that you can't, for example, speak to someone at the same time.

Chloe, thank you. The picture is actually from a Japanese Tea Garden, in San Francisco. Too many tourists there to be zen, in my opinion, but very beautiful nonetheless (and the place where the fortune cookie was invented!)

Vanessa, I can't imagine anyone crafty not having some Teresa Wentzler items on the 'to do' or the 'half-done' piles! I have several that I would like to do, and a large one (fantasy tryptych) which is about a third done...and has been at that stage for probably 7 years!

Maddy sagde ...

I love this template -
like a breath of fresh air.
Serene. Quiet. Intelligent.
Spacious. Vast. Enquiring.

Helen sagde ...

Wow the cross stitch is amazing! I've just taught myself to knit and that is hard enough!! Helen

Simple American sagde ...

Dragons are cool. I love painting figures, but rarely have that time anymore. Now they have some beautiful dragon models and I cannot help but buy em. Plus already painted. I am a lazy or in stages of progressed procrastination.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Madelyn, welcome back! I'm glad you like the template...vast, I like that word.

Helen, I'm impressed that you have taught yourself how to knit. I learned to knit at one point (from someone else, not by myself at all), knit two scarves...and then started cross stitching. A year later, I tried to re-start knitting, and found that I'd totally forgotten how! I'd still like to re-learn (and to learn to crochet also).

Mr. American, when we were looking for more wooden models, we found lots of different kinds of dragon models. Some of them are really strikingly beautiful. But we're set on the wood ones...I'd like a wooden Temple of Heaven, I think.

Etchen sagde ...

I love cross-stitch. I can go for a year and not do a pattern and then pick it up and do it obsessively for a bit. Your dragon looks great!

I love the new look to your website!

True Blue Guy sagde ...

That looks tough to do ! :-)

True Blue Guy sagde ...

lovely template btw


kimananda sagde ...

Hi Etchen! Yep, 'obsessively' is the word for how I am in my cross stitch phases, too. And, btw, I don't think I've complimented you yet on your new profile pic. It's lovely and just right for you!

Blue, actually, the reason that I like to cross stitch, I think, is that I don't find it tough to do at all. Time consuming, requiring attention to detail, intricate, elaborate, yes. But the techniques involved are very straightforward. And I like your new template too. That Thur guy does some cool stuff.

Chibithulhu sagde ...

If you stitch my likeness, it will sell on eBay for many of your human dollars. My acolytes have a great deal of disposable income to spend on anything bearing my horrid my visage.

kimananda sagde ...

Hey, Chibi, that is actually a very cool idea. Not stitching you, as stitching takes a long time, but making a pattern for others to stitch you...o.k., and stitching a model for the pattern picture...and then selling it that way. That could actually be really cool, as I've long thought of designing my own patterns.