tirsdag, april 11, 2006

Note to self: might stay a while after all.

It seems a bit of an indulgence to blog about bagels two days in a row, but my last post seems to have hit somewhat of a widespread bagel-craving nerve, so perhaps it's not so indulgent to bring everyone up to date on later events: to put it simply, I got my bagel fix this morning, and in fact at several points during the day.

The winner of my bagel kronor was the Gothersgade location of The Bagel Co. It was a bit hole in the wall, but in a good way. The selection was not the widest but wide enough, and the price, while not cheap, was not as high as I feared I might have to pay. I got four smaller plain bagels, two larger sundried tomato bagels, and two larger bagels the contents of which I almost immediately forgot, but it looks like some sort of cheese bagel.

The goal was to keep them through the day, and then enjoy them at home for a late lunch today, and breakfast tomorrow, but who was I kidding? The first smaller bagel was a goner as soon as I was at school and had bought my morning coffee. The second smaller bagel became a snack in the lunch break. The third and fourth smaller bagel made it home for Thor and I to enjoy for late lunch, this time with the proper toppings of cream cheese and lox. At this point, we were both far too full for dinner...but not too full to each have one of the larger bagels as a late night snack.

The verdict: very good bagels. The plain was a bit sweet, but otherwise perfect. The texture of a fresh bagel is sublime. The sundried tomato bagel was also quite good. The other type I'll have an opinion on once I've tried it.

The next step, when the craving for bagels comes around again, is to try the place googled by Neil, and the place recommended by Kelly, both of which were a bit off of the path from home to school, but on the path to other places I frequent. The other next step is to start making my own, using recipes from Fourlegged and Helen. The step before all of this is of course to get to sleep in order to make the wait for that last breakfast bagel that much shorter.

22 kommentarer:

Neil sagde ...

You see... with a little persistence, you can achieve anything, including finding bagels!

Simple American sagde ...

I see bagels in my future. hehe

Vanessa sagde ...

glad to see you satisfied the bagel itch, I can definitely understand it. One of my favorites is an asiago cheese bagel with cream cheese, lox, capers and red onion.

Maddy sagde ...

because of your post
yesterday i went to
"benny's bagels" today
and bought six cinnamon
raisin ones even thoug i hate
cooked raisins more than
anything in the whole wide

Chloe sagde ...

i'm glad you found your bagels. and don't feel guilty about blogging about them two days in a row. I have read bagel posts in many many blogs. Really!

Helen sagde ...

Sounds like a good bagel day!! Helen

erin sagde ...

Glad you found them. :)

marybishop sagde ...

Glad you were able to finagle a bagle!

Connie and Rob sagde ...

Bagels are the best!! I love cinnamon crunch.

Glad you got your bagels.

Take care,

Sangroncito sagde ...

I'm so glad your craving was sated!

Devil Mood sagde ...

I'm glad you got your bagels. There's nothing like asking for something outloud - it works! :)
I'm glad there are no bagels around me because I'm trying to lose a kilogram :p he he

kimananda sagde ...

Neil, you are absolutely right...I look forward to trying the place you found as well. A veritable plethora of bagels!

Mr. American, in that case your future looks bright.

Vanessa, I love asiago cheese bagels! The mystery bagels that I had bought were (I think) Asiago and chili. They were excellent!

Maddy, I don't like raisins that much...except in baked goods. And cinnamon raisin bagels are a classic...but why buy them if you don't like them? What is your favorite kind of bagel, by the way?

Chloe, I don't normally feel guilty...but I do feel I indulge my own wishes quite a lot. I have always been a bit spoiled, and so I'm just maintaining my identity as a spoiled brat by spoiling myself! And, I may need to do a search on bagels to see what others have to say about this topic.

Helen, it was. Maybe even too good...I'm a bit 'bagelled out' at the moment.

Erin and Mary, I'm glad too!

Connie, I've never had cinammon crunch, but it sounds delicious!

Sangroncito, me too!

Ms. Mood, I know what you mean...I'm actually trying to lose a few kilos as well...and yesterday, I would say that about half my calorie intake was from bagels and cream cheese! But it was totally worth it.

Catherine sagde ...

..if ever you get yourself down to Melbourne, Australia, the best bagels you'll ever eat are at Glick's in Carlisle Street, Balaclava or Flinders Lane in Melbourne CBD. They're kosher, delicious and addictive - especially smothered with super-crunch peanut butter! You can view their website here: http://glicks.metroseek.com.au/

Daphnewood sagde ...

oh the power of the press. I have a baker's dozen of bagels downstairs in the kitchen. I tried to resist all day yesterday after reading your blog but I gave in this morning. Did you even know that you had such power?

HB sagde ...

Nå fikk jeg lyst på bagel også! Jeg TROR man kan finne det i Trondheim - men ikke på skjærtorsdag, da er alt stengt.

Jack's Shack sagde ...

Congratulations on a successful search.

kimananda sagde ...

Catherine, those are great suggestions...and I will make it to Melbourne eventually. I was there before, but it was a long time ago (maybe...15 years or so?), and I don't remember much of the city.

Daphnewood, I don't believe that my blog has any power, other than getting you to do what you would have done anyway...but it's an interesting idea!

HB, jeg tror, at det er så markeligt, at alt er lukket på torsday før påske. Fordi det er bare markeligt!

Jack, thank you! It was fun finding them.

Neets sagde ...

i enjoy commin here... cos i like the way you look at life and of course the bagels :)!

Chloe sagde ...

in that case you should search
Berlinbound has written about bagels i think, sometime in the past.

Leslie sagde ...

Do you have a favorite bagel? And why do you supposed they are called bagels and not "bread with hole"? Do you pronounce it BAY-gull or BA-(like LAUGH) GULL?

I had another large pastry cookie today. Chocolate walnut chip. Ate the whole thing in 5 seconds, of course.

Catherine sagde ...

Wow, HB - bagels in Trondheim?! The last time I was there was back in 1985 and all I ate was fiskeboller. Darn, I missed those bagels!

And K, you are right - there aren't many Monkey Virgoans around... my birth date is 11 September. What about yours?

kimananda sagde ...

Neets, thank you! Here, have a virtual bagel. :-)

Chloe, today is the day that I get something substantive done on my latest project (as opposed to just writing a lot of random notes), so this is wonderful timing. Of course, I'm going to look at this site right away! ;-)

Leslie, definitely BAY-gull. And I like so many of them...plain of course, but also asiago, chocolate chip, garlic, and many, many more! In fact, I don't think I've ever found a flavor that I didn't like.

Så Catherine, kan du tale norske? Det ville være helt fantastisk...det betyder at jeg kan skrive på danske med endnu flere af mine blogge kontakter!

And, nope, 28th of August. So I'm your wise elder by two weeks! ;-)