torsdag, juni 08, 2006

Eventually, we all become our parents

Or our grandparents, as the case may be. Comment given today, as Thor and I walked out from the train station. Directly in front of us, two pre-pubescent girls wearing tiny tank tops and very, very, very tight jeans.

Thor: Oh, those girls. Look at them, they are too poor to afford pants that fit. They've almost grown out of them. Maybe we should tell them where to find a used clothing store so that they can buy new ones.

He has also been known to comment about the clothing choices of teenage skateboard punks...'Oh, look. They're so poor, they have to wear their older brothers' pants. They're almost falling off.' Or anyone wearing clothing with fashionable holes in them.

Yes, it's true, my boyfriend is an 87-year old man trapped in a 32-year old man's body. The horror. The horror.

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Greg Mills sagde ...

When he starts shaking his cane at them, the cause is lost.

treespotter sagde ...

eventually tho, they'll go back being 5 year old and refuse to go to bed.

kimananda sagde ...

Greg, he's been doing that for years...cane-jitsu, he calls it.

Treespotter, he has been known to do that too, in order to hang out in bars, drink lots of beer, and threaten young people with his cane.

Chloe sagde ...

i shake my umbrella for cars to stop so i can cross the road. your boyfriend is still a kid!

Michelle Pessoa sagde ...

I have a two-month-old baby and I already sound like my mother. ;)

Via Michele's.

Robin sagde ...

It is true...soon he'll be shouting for "those kids" to get off of his lawn! But, I guess it could be worse...he could BE the one wearing those baggy jeans and midriff shirts...imagine THAT horror :) I'm here from Michele's!

HB sagde ...

I think most people are lots of ages at the same time. To illustrate, here's a few lines from a Rolf Jacobsen-poem:

Deep inside,
behind the heavy knee I got today,
lies another, smaller knee,
a little dirty and scraped.
And within my fingers, all five of them,
lies a small hand, another one,
still a bit anxious, but warm.

Daphnewood sagde ...

I think my mother use to say the same things about teenage fashion! Heck I feel the same way now. I want to stand on the corner some morning while kids are walking to school and hand out belts to those with their pants around their knees.

Kim, can I have a fortune today?

Maddy sagde ...

you should buy Thor a pair
of butt hangers.


kimananda sagde ...

Chloe, I've never tried that (I usually forget my umbrella), but I may have to in the next rainy season.

Michelle, I often sound like my mother. But that's o.k. 'cause my mother's cool. And thanks for your visit!

Robin, thank you for visiting! Actually, he might look pretty cute in baggy pants and revealing shirt...I might have to go shopping for him soon!

HB, or can I call you A? :-) That's a beautiful poem.

Daphnewood, your card is the wheel of fortune. Which means that what goes up goes down, and what goes down comes up...and you get to decide how to deal with that. I'll give you some questions from the book Tarot for your Self (by Mary K. Greer)...'What life-changes are you experiencing? How are you adapting to these changes? What effects are you feeling from circumstances you put in motion previously? Is there something you need to resolve? How are your horizons expanding?' There's also an affirmation, 'I rely on the universe to bring me the experiences I need to manifest my full potential'. However, I see the affirmation as a bit too passive, and the card itself as not just passive...even though we can't always decide which way the wheel turns, I think that we can alter it subtly through being active.

Maddy, I may just do that...I think it's suit him. Now whether he'd consent to wear them is another story entirely!

Helen sagde ...

I find myself saying this my Mum says that I swore I would never say! The youth these days!! Helen

al-Ferengi sagde ...

And the really backward thing is: They with the little pants would say: "Oh God, he's so RETARDEDLY old-fashioned, like, totally Neo-puritanist, he should really get laid, man!"

So I believe that the older we get, the more our prejudices align themselves with those of our parental units, they are not built, they are already there, they just change.

Maybe the shape of the prejudices is dependant on the age alone... :)

(ps: new name says: Cooooooooooooooooooooooooffee!)

kimananda sagde ...

Helen, yes, those youths these respect for their elders! ;-)

So, Cooooooooooooooooooooooooffee!, are you a cafe au lait or a cafe latte? And are you into the World Cup? I'm watching Germany-Costa Rica at the moment, and thinking of all my German connections. I'm sort-of half-heartedly rooting for Costa Rica (I like underdogs), and they did score a goal, but I don't think they have much of a (or any) chance.

Neil sagde ...

And what does he say when you wear those tight jeans?

marybishop sagde ...

Neil's comment is so cute. (I'll bet Thor thinks you look great!)

When the multi-color hair-dos came into fashion my husband thought the girls sporting the dos had bad dye I understand.

ramo sagde ...

That is exactly what my fiancée thinks of me too : old man with no sense of style.

jackt sagde ...

But without the loose skin! :)

Devil Mood sagde ...

lol You shouldn't think that. Think that he has a critical and witty sense of humour, it's much better.

kimananda sagde ...

Well Neil, that's kind of a theoretical question as I don't normally wear that kind of thing. However, when I wear my equivalent of that kind of thing, Thor seems to appreciate it.

Mary, I'm thinking now, after your comment and Neil's, that I might need to get hold of a pair of tight jeans, just to see what exactly Thor's reaction to them would be. Keep in mind that he's an extreme example of typical Danish directness, so if he had any issues with them, he'd tell me!

Now, Ramo, I'm sure that's not true!

Jackt, he's losing his hair, I'm sure the loose skin will arrive shortly. :-o

Ms. Mood, Thor is one of the funniest, smartest, coolest people I know. But that doesn't change the fact that he can sometimes be an old fogey. It's o.k., I can be one too. But of course I'd (probably) never blog about that part! ;-)

Neil sagde ...

After you buy the jeans, we're all expecting a photo!

Amara sagde ...

yeah we are. great blog

socialpest sagde ...

Haha that was funny. Would love to hear what he'd say if he sees a young couple making out or something.

Marion sagde ...

Have you been to the UK with Thor? Let me know what he thinks about, say, undergrads who hardly wear anything when going out. Would be great to know I'm not alone in shaking my head.

al-Ferengi sagde ...

I *was* an acidic, semi-liquid, pitch-black fluidum, which had to be drunk really fast in order to avoid lacerations on the pipe. Also, it should not be spilled on wooden panels, as it will drill itself drop by drop through to the appartment beneath. In other words "qahwa wasad", the perfect cup of coffee ;)))))

Oh, and World Cup? Is this a coffeecup bigger than those in France?


(no, I passionately don't watch the World Cup ;) )

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Also, read this and becom educated O.o

How do we know sagde ...

Hi! I am here from Chloe's blog.. did you buy that pair of jeans yet?

Sangroncito sagde ...

I think you should come home wearing torn jeans and spiked pink hair and give him a shock!

erin sagde ...

I do that too...

JvS sagde ...

Becoming my grandparents was ok, the distance made them more dignified somehow. But now, as I see my mother's face tutting and crinkling from the mirror and hear her starting arguments from my mouth I want to shake myself. It's too terrible.

And yes, young people don't know how to get dressed. Maybe it's a problem with their eyesight.

al-Ferengi sagde ...
Denne kommentar er fjernet af en blogadministrator.
al-Ferengi sagde ...

The deleted post was on those two major coffeehouses, which I thought were similar, but I see they arent.

note to Self: read the entire article twice, before posting.

Fitèna sagde ...

lol! I watched a hindi movie with a guy who makes comments like Thor! He got a sens of humour!

I know what he means though. Those guys with their pants almost falling off irritate me so much!!!! My brother included!


kimananda sagde ...

Neil, well, you may have to wait a bit for that. But I promise, that the next time I buy a pair of jeans that are way to small, I'll take a photo of me in them.

Amara, as I said above to Neil. So, you may need to wait a while. And, thanks for visiting!

Socialpest, he's o.k. with couples making out, as long as their clothes fit. ;-)

Marion, when Thor and I met, I was still living in London, but he didn't visit me in the winter. I shake my head a lot when I see makes me cold just looking at it, so I try not to look!

Ms. Black Scorpio, I still need to read that link. I'll tell you all about it at our next study session, which you will attend. Including the pizza and rented movie part. I'll e-mail you.

How do we know?, thanks for visiting! I haven't bought anything yet...I'm not quite decided yet on if I will...but I'm thinking about it. Maybe after my exam and the World Cup.

Sangroncito, the torn jeans would be far more shocking than the pink hair, I suspect.

Erin, I probably do it too, but am in denial.

JVS, luckily my Mom is cool, so acting like her is o.k. I don't think I do act like my Mom too much, though...yet.

Fitena, the things people will do for style. ;-)

Nabeel sagde ...

in other words we all become responsible :)

grandparents are right to critique today's fashion .. we will be doing the same thing when we are old. Why do they have to accept the new generation's fashion etiquetes let alone the new generation.

Don't we critique the 60's and the 50's clothing?

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Oh, don't read it before you're through with all the exames. I can't guarantee for the safety of your brain cells and performance, when you read it before ;)

Jack P Toerson sagde ...

I think dressing like a twat in your youth is essential to a well rounded personality. Thinking that some youth dress like twats is simply moving on. The problem is distinguishing fashion victims from the fashionable. They can't all be twats and there may be styles worth shamelessly stealing ;-).

Meow sagde ...

Great post, thanks for sharing.
Hope all is well in your world.
Take care, Meow

kimananda sagde ...

And Nabeel, don't forget the 70's...ick!

Al-ferengi, no worries...I'll wait until Wednesday to read it!

Jack, absolutely...but I think it can be difficult to judge the difference (or at least I wouldn't want to be a judge of fashion).

Meow, everything is going nicely, thank you. I hope you are well, too.