lørdag, august 05, 2006

IKEA kids

IKEA, like other businesses, is constantly working to expand its range. This is an example from the new IKEA kids collection, being piloted in Portugal. As you can see, they are very stylish, and are sold pre-assembled. The price point is attractive, but as always with IKEA products, there is always the question of quality. This means you should check any kids you may wish to buy carefully; however, these particular kids seemed to be pretty well manufactured. I believe the gameboys are sold separately.

11 kommentarer:

DBA Lehane sagde ...

Hilarious! :D I hope they last longer than my Ikea tv cabinet did!

Greg Mills sagde ...

I just picked up a Snorp and a Lrjjole. Both are doing fine.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

I wonder were you go to sell one??? NOt really almost got mine through the growing kids. Who would want to buy teens!!

Morose sagde ...

As We all know, children keep better in colder climates and do not become overripe as quickly.

What does Ikea suggest for its customers in warmer climates?

Are the children sold already animated, or are they pre-assebled child bodies that must be activated with batteries or radiation or something?

Chibithulhu sagde ...

I had heard Ikea was selling snack foods...

Helen sagde ...

Do they come with instructions?!

al-Ferengi sagde ...

I love your humour =)

sophie sagde ...

The gameboy's should come with
the children.

(and instructions...)

Simple American sagde ...

They don't have kids here in the US yet. Wonder if I could trade in the old mouthy teenagers for some younger kids?

Siri sagde ...

LoL....couldnt stop laughing!!!

kimananda sagde ...

DBA, I hope so, too...they're cute kids!

Greg, those are the pricier models...you do realize you're outing yourself as a yuppie, yes?

Day, maybe you could try to take them to IKEA, and say you got them as a gift and can't find the receipt?

Morose, I hadn't thought about that. And it is unclear what animates these children. Definitely not batteries.

Chibi, :-) Unfortunately, they taste just like the IKEA hotdogs. :-o

Helen, I believe not, but I'll have to ask the mother (who is an old friend of mine).

Ms. Black Scorpio, thanks! :-)

Sophie, if only it were so. Although there are a lot of books about raising kids, understanding kids, and so on...I don't think there are any instructions.

Mr. American, as I said to Day, maybe you could try to take yours to IKEA anyway...you could say they were a gift from a friend in Europe?

Siri, thanks! :-)