fredag, september 29, 2006

Questions answered, meme completed

To begin with the answer to a very important question...can I work a random photo from China into every post I write? Answer, yes, I can...and there are still a lot of photos left...this one is hotpot, a concoction of chili oil, chilis, sichuan has a reputation for being so intensely spicy that none can actually eat it, hence the fish soup thing in the middle (so we'd have something to eat after all)...the idea is to drop stuff in it, sort of a Sichuan fondue and then fish it out, dip it in sesame oil, then eat it. Sadly, we didn't find it that hot...don't get me wrong on this, it was hot...but not so hot that I couldn't eat it. I was somewhat disappointed.

Second question, this one from Chloe, who asked 'where have you been Kimananda?' Answer: my life has been hotting up, not unlike a Sichuan hotpot (or maybe hotter). I'm working every teaching hour God (and my director) sends, studying, reading, and thinking about my project-to-be, re-writing my last project, my impending thesis. I'm trying the whole time management thing, and it's going well...except, I can't seem to work in actually writing. Yes, in all my activity, I've lost writing. Academic writing, blog writing, writing. But now, it's slowly coming back. I hope. Time will tell. In the meantime, I offer you, dear reader, a small meme. It's going around so fast that it's hard to tell whom to acknowledge, but how about Cathy? Or Scholiast? Or Morose? Or, of course, Chloe.

1. A Cuddler? In general, not too much, but yes when I'm in a relationship with a cuddler. Right now, I'm in relationship with a cuddler, so I'm a cuddler. It's nice.
2. A morning person? I can be. I don't like to get up too early, but once I'm up, I'm generally pretty awake.
3. Are you a perfectionist? Yes, in a big way. It's a defining feature, in a warped, linked with chronic procrastination way.
4. An only child? Nope.
5. Catholic: Nope.
6. In your pajamas? Nope, fully dressed except for shoes.
7. Currently suffering from a broken heart? Not at all.
8. Okay styling other people's hair? I am no good with hair. I don't have the coordination for it.
9. Left handed? Nope.
10. Addicted to MySpace? A confession: I've never really checked it out. It doesn't sound very interesting.
11. Shy around the opposite gender? I'm fairly shy in general, though years of teaching has given me the gift of not always appearing so. But I'm not more shy around any particular gender.
12. Loud? I can be very loud if I'm in conversation. Otherwise, not so much.

12-and-a-half. Bite your nails? Mainly my cuticles. It can get pretty gross. I can plot my close relationships based on how they react to this.
13. Get paranoid at times? Yes. For example, if I've had too much coffee. I'm very sensitive to caffeine.
14. Currently regret something that you have said/done? Not at the moment. I have that shy person feeling that I must have said something wrong in any conversation, but I don't take that feeling too seriously.
15. Curse frequently when you get mad? On occasion.
16. Enjoy country music? Not in general, but like every genre, there is some good country out there. It's the natural genre for really funny lyrics.
17. Enjoy jazz music? This makes me think of a former colleague who passionately hated jazz...I believe his exact definition was 'musical wanking'. I'm sure there's some good jazz in the world, but I don't know enough about it to say what that good jazz is.
18. Enjoy smoothies? They're o.k., but often not quite as good as I would expect them to be.
19. Enjoy talking on the phone? I used to a lot, and I still do on occasion, but only with people that I already know quite well. Otherwise, I'll go to great lengths to not have to call people. Except for work. I like phone interviews, they're fun.
20. Have a lot to learn? Don't we all?
21. Have a pet? Nope, and I would like one. A dog. Or barring that, some goldfish.
22. Have a tendency to fall for the "wrong" person? No, with a couple exceptions, I've fallen for some pretty nice, smart, funny, cute, sexy guys.
23. Have all your grandparents died? Yes.
24. Have at least one sibling? See #4.
25. Have been told that you are smart? Yes, many times. Often accompanied by some statement about my potential, and living up to the same. It drives me mad...but there's a point in there too, that I'm trying to face.
26. Have had a broken bone? Nope.
27. Have Caller I.D. on your phone? Well, I can see the number of who's calling, so I suppose I must have. It's nothing I set up.

28. Changed a diaper? Many, in my years as a babysitter.
29. Changed a lot over the past year? I am in a continual state of change, I hope for the better.
30. Had friends who have never seen your natural hair color? You can see my natural hair color in my profile pic. Close friends, and some family have seen me with dyed and/or bleached hair, but that was a long time ago.
31. Had surgery? Nope.
32. Killed anyone? Not that I know of.
33. Had your haircut within the last week? Haircuts are a prime procrastination item for me. It's been a while.

1. Slept in the bed beside you? Danish Man.
2. Saw you cry?: I don't remember. However, seeing as I cry at the sad parts of any book, wherever I am at the time, it was probably a trainload of people I don't know.
3. Went to the movies with you? Danish Man.
4. You went to the mall with?: Mall? Do we have malls in Denmark? Oh, yes...I popped into a mall before a seminar about a month ago. With two school colleagues.
5. You went to dinner with? Ms. Black Scorpio.
6. You talked to on the phone? Uh...Danish Man...he's about the only one I actually talk to on the phone. To everyone else, I am more likely to text.
7. Said 'I love you' to you and meant it? My brother.
8. Broke your heart? Uh...not sure actually. Whomever it was, it healed.
9. Made you laugh? My brother. He's funny.

1. Pierce your nose or tongue? I've long wanted to pierce my nose. Probably will never get around to it.
2. Be serious or be funny? Both, preferably at the same time.
3. Drink whole or skim milk? Hmmm, it depends. Skim milk in coffee, cream over cereal.
4. Die in a fire or drown? Neither. If someone held a gun to my head, and made me choose, I'd choose the gun...much less drawn out than fire or drowning.
5. Spend time with your parents or enemies? Parents, obviously.

1. What time is it? 11:35 p.m.
2. Name? On this forum, kimananda (with a small 'k', though I'm pretty inconsistent about this).
3. Nickname(s)? Kim
4. Where were you born? California.
5. What is your birthdate? 28 August, too many years ago to remember.
6. What do you want? Right now, a bit of time, and a stipend to study without all this work malarkey. While I'm requesting things, I'll add health to those who are unhealthy (you know who you are), and maybe a house in Christianshavn.
7. Where do you want to live? Well, Christianshavn, overlooking a canal. I'd also like weekend homes in San Francisco, London, Lisbon, and maybe Chengdu or Beijing.
8. How many kids do you want? This is a subject under negotiation at the moment, but not yet decided. Maybe one, maybe not. Not more than one, I don't think.

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Tiffany sagde ...

Wow, learned a lot about you, I think I might have to try something similar on my blog. I totally hear ya on the caffeine thing, if I even have chocolate after 2pm I become super paranoid and sensitive, it really does suck because I love coffee and chocolate. That did you actually try the chili concoction or just the fish soup in the centre? What are you studying over in Denmark?


Pecos Blue sagde ...

great picture--I look forward to more.

Marion sagde ...

That was cool. I don't know which one to pick to comment on - all very interesting.

Helen sagde ...

Thanks for sharing!Might have to complete this too!! Helen

Vanessa sagde ...

Pretty photo - - I love a good meat/oil fondue.

Cathy sagde ...

Thanks for tagging me ;) I did this one a few posts back, but I love the random Chinese photo meme, can I do that one instead? (well, I'm going to.:)

das sagde ...

And again the Ferenghee is posting off-topic: (Fun with Tarot Cards :) )

But: 13. Get paranoid at times? Yes. For example, if I've had too much coffee. I'm very sensitive to caffeine.
Haha, you too? And there we go, guzzling it in gallons ;)

20. Have a lot to learn? Don't we all?

Oh, Hell, yes. A person, who doesn't learn, is a dead person.

32. Killed anyone? Not that I know of.


5. You went to dinner with? Ms. Black Scorpio.

And it was GREAT, gerat, great. And inspiring :D And tasty^^

7. Where do you want to live? Well, Christianshavn, overlooking a canal. [...] .

And, you aren't picky. It can be any canal in Christianshavn ;-))))))))

8. How many kids do you want? This is a subject under negotiation at the moment, but not yet decided. Maybe one, maybe not. Not more than one, I don't think.


das sagde ...

Weird, they call me "Das" all of a sudden..


kimananda sagde ...

Tiffany, hello! It sounds like we have the same sensitivity to Mom has it too, so I figure it's something genetic. We tried both the chili and the fish stuff, but if we did it again, we'd just get the chili...we were warned to get the fish because the chili was so hot...supposedly. And, I'm studying information science. My focus seems to settled in the area of Knowledge Organization. Whatever that means. ;-)

Pecos Blue, thanks, and welcome!

Marion, thank you...maybe you could do this one...I dare you to relate the answers to Manchester! ;-)

Helen, I'd love to see your answers, and glad to see your connected to the blogosphere once again.

Vanessa, I love all kinds of time you travel South, I recommend La Fondue in Saratoga. Cheese fondue, then salad, then meat fondue, then chocolate fondue. Be prepared for 3 hours of intense's worth traveling for, I'd say.

Cathy, I was actually crediting you...I saw the meme on your blog first, and then saw everyone else joining in, and had to join in with them...and it was fun. I look forward to seeing your random Chinese photo!

The Das formerly known as Ms. Black Scorpio, tak for sidst! And, yep, I was still awake at 2am, thinking, 'why did I want all that coffee again?' But it was totally worth it. See you Tuesday, bright and early... :-)

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Ha, it was one, when I finally slept :)

Yes, I shall be there Tuesday *sets two alarm clocks*

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh dear, that's a lot of things to do. Do you think the Sichuan could function as a stimulator, like caffeine? It looks really spicy, scary spicy, oh now I'm talking about the spice girls, I'm insane ;)

Daphnewood sagde ...

That soup stuff looked interesting. I am not a fan of fish but I love to try exotic dishes. Nothing wrong with spitting out something you don't care for. I think it is more of a sin not to try it. Your meme looks like hard work. I liked how you talked about your brother. My youngest brother makes me laugh too. Just this week he called my cell phone and left a voice mail that said "you suck" and then hung up. He can be so evil but it always makes me laugh.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

I enjoyed doing this meme also. I love your answer to number 4 with the gun answer.

sophie sagde ...

Danish man?!!!!

I missed you posts - i really
love your pictures!!!

Yay!!!!!!!!! Kim's back!!

Meow sagde ...

Great post ... I love this meme, think I might have to do it soon !!
I also love all your China photos ... keep sharing, they are great.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Also, again completely off topic:
P Havnø wrote: Internal examination for me at DB, grades 00-13 on ITU (which clearly means another focusshift for me)

YES, I KNOW NOW, WHAT TO DO! (Well, not really, but I know, in what frame I have to do that *something* :D :D :D)

Chloe sagde ...

no, i was one of the last people who did the meme.

i'd love to see a random photo of China in your following posts, up to December, when i am going to expect pictures of christmas in Denmark. xx

Simple American sagde ...

Cute tag. Cheered me up. Ticked off my RSS feed did not warn me that you posted. I'm usually quicker than this.

I'm tagging myself for being so late. You don't mind do ya?

Anonym sagde ...

meme schmeme. Love the picture though. I love picture of food almost as much as I love food.

For a split second I felt I had something interesting to say, but noooo.

Collective Heartburn sagde ...

WOW! I want to go for a swim in that sichuan hotpot. It looks amazing. By the way...may I link to you? And how'd you get your technorati logo to appear? I put in the code, but nothing. Ok I strayed from comment to question. Sorry.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Black Scorpio, the trick is, you have to come to class more than once. ;-) Although if the ITU one is graded, then you're probably better off going for that one. Vi ses alligevel!

Ms. Mood, I don't know about stimulant, but it does cleanse the system. ;-)

Daphnewood, maybe you could try this meme? It didn't take too long...the longest bit was taking out the answers of the person I copied it from.

Day, oh, I have to go see what you answered...I'm having great fun reading this meme on other's blogs, too!

Sophie, nothing exciting, it's the same Danish man who's been sleeping beside me for the past almost 3 years. I just get tired of typing 'Thor' all the time. And thank you for the warm welcome back!

Meow, I hope you did the meme...I'll be by to see soon. :-)

Chloe, yes, I know...I have this idea that everyone I acknowledged thought they were being tagged, but not so...and as for Christmas in Denmark, my last one was in 2003. This Christmas will be in California (more alliterative, you know....)

Mr. American, no guilt allowed in the House of Fortune...I've read your tag, though, and it was cool...I may not have commented yet, but I will.

Kunstem..., nothing interesting to say? I don't believe it.

Collective Heartburn (Mr. Heartburn?), it was pretty cool, but it could be painful to swim in. And link away...I'll return the favor next time I update my template (which I do quite often, now that I think about it....) :-)