mandag, november 27, 2006

Last Impressions of Southwest China for now: The River

Imagine that you are travelling on holiday...why are you where you are? There are lots of reasons to travel somewhere, for beauty, for adventure, for the search for the exotic. Or what about all of those things, in a place that will soon not be there, or not be there in the same way. That's exactly why we chose to cruise the Yangtze river. It was a long time ago, but how to express that feeling that everything you're looking at, won't be there next time? Constant reminders keep this in focus, the building work to shore up large cities and towns, periodic tape measures to show how much of the scenery will be submerged in a few short years. Join me on a virtual review of these few days (3 days and 4 nights, to be exact) as we cruise slowly from Chongqing to Yichang.

Not our boat, but a similar type

Cabin, sweet cabin.

Watching the gorge.

Watching the people watching the gorge.

Measuring the effects of the dam.

More dam adjustments.

I believe this is already underwater.

The dam from the top...tilt head for best view.

The dam from below.

12 kommentarer:

Gondul sagde ...

Amazing. Three Gorges was one area I was deperate to see before they were flooded. Unfortunately I never go the chance (what with saving to move to cold dark Denmark). Must ave been a magic experience.

Anonym sagde ...

Edelman og Wal-Mart - historien fortsætter:

Og tak for sidst og kaffe ;D


kimananda sagde ...

Gondul, you still have time...the water had already risen a lot even when we were there, but the dam won't be totally filled until 2009. And consider, there will still be cruises after that time even - for example, there is an offshoot 'Little Three Gorges' trip that you can take while on the larger journey, which is well worth it, which until a few years ago had not enough water in it to allow for large boats to navigate it...I believe it was used for white water rafting! Chongqing is also an amazingly cool city to see before the river trip...I highly recommend it.

Ms. Black Scorpio, tak for link...den nye parody site er rigtig sjov! Og tak for sidst...der var også virkelig sjov. :-) Vi ses på fredag!

Simple American sagde ...

I think it is a crime that they have submerged so much beauty. Good you got to see it. I wish I would have.

Devil Mood sagde ...

I sort of admire you for having gone to China - I don't think it'd be my destination, I don't think I have the all seems so huge and a little scary. Monumental, definitely.

sophie sagde ...

Fantastic photos Kim!!

and such a cozy cabin -
i would love to be there
snoozing and drifting right now.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

Why did they flood the area? I'm not knowledged on the reasoning for this.

James Medhurst sagde ...

These are fascinating photos. It's spooky to see places that I haven't seen and now no longer exist.

How do we know sagde ...

hey.. this is my first time perhaps, on your blog, but i really like the pics. My favorite? "watching the ppl watching the gorge" - Super!

Devil Mood sagde ...

have you noticed how that post on sex symbols made a difference in the volume of comments? hmmm people never learn lol
this is just like tv with the ratings and that, tv which thankfully on some aspects you do not possess :)

Jack's Shack sagde ...

That is wild.

kimananda sagde ...

Mr. American, it was definitely worth the visit...and you can still go, it's not totally submerged yet.

Ms. Mood, huge, yes. Scary, not really. Exotic, but not scary. I never would have thought about it, and our first China trip was almost an accident (we found cheap tickets to Beijing, and though, well, why not?), but it's an amazing place, and large enough to warrant return visits. And I'm not sure that there are so many more comments on the sex symbol post...I think it's just cause Morose got a bit carried away there towards the end. Which was good, as he had some good suggestions.

Sophie, it was a fairly cozy cabin, and more importantly had air-con (it was sweltering outside).

Day, it's for more efficient transport and energy generation, I believe. It's very controversial as you might imagine, and lots will be lost, though, especially in terms of historic and cultural value.

James, only the one place is submerged by can still go and see a lot of it, I'd recommend it.

How do we know, welcome and thanks! And I had fun with that photo as well.

Jack, yes, it is, isn't it? Wild, and beautiful!