lørdag, december 30, 2006

Rug-colored dog on a dog-colored rug

Now that I'm back home, it's time to tally up the statistics from when I was at home:

    Number of rug-colored dogs communed with during trip: 1. Please note, the rug-colored dog has given me permission to post her photo on the internet.

    Number of close family members communed with during trip: 6. So all the main ones.

    Number of books (bought, given or foraged) brought back home from home: 17. About half academic and half not-so-academic.

    Number of books left at home due to lack of space in luggage: 13. The Complete Wreck to be exact.

    Number of sneezes, coughs and nose-blowing incidents: too many to count. Was it the local dust mites? Rug-colored dog dander? Am I allergic to California?

    Number of boyfriends Skyped while on trip: 1. Total number of people Skyped while on trip: 2.

    Number of bloggers met over lunch: 1. And it was very cool. Please note, I'm not counting my brother on this list, although we did go to lunch (more than once), and he is a blogger.

    Number of A Series of Unfortunate Events books read during trip: 6. I had read the first 7 books before.

    Number of kilos (yes, kilos) gained during trip: almost 5...so about half a kilo per It's-It.

    Amount of work done during trip: not as much as I had wanted. But almost enough.

    Number of belated Christmas/Chanukah/Yule/Winter Solstice wishes to all: infinite.

9 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

Hey, welcome back to old, wise Europe ;))))
Happy New Year :)

sophie sagde ...

oh precious little dog -
looks a bit like my
apricot colored cutie:)

al-Ferengi sagde ...

gnah, I'm just posting you the link per e-mail D^X

erin sagde ...

Glad to see you're back. :)

Happy new year!

Vesper sagde ...

happy new year!

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

My daughter was reading that series for a while, but she grew bored.

Happy New Year!!

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, thanks, it's good to be back. And Happy New Year to you, too!

Sophie, yep, she's the epitome of precious. I think she's smaller than your dog though, if I recall correctly.

Ms. Black Scorpio, that was a great link...see you soon!

Erin, same to you! :-)

Vesper, thanks, same to you...and nice new profile pic!

Day, I read the first 7 because I was bored and my friend (whom I was staying with) had them...there's a lull after the first 3 or 4, and then...well, I was totally hooked, and it was tough waiting until I was in California where I knew I would have the rest to read.

And Happy New Year to you, too! :-)

Greg Mills sagde ...

It was really cool, wasn't it? Next time, a less rushed thing, I think.

kimananda sagde ...

Definitely a less rushed thing next time...perhaps you can show me around Berzerkeley?