tirsdag, januar 09, 2007

More posts about dogs and Danes

I have always been impressed by the overall high level of English among the Danes...but I've only just learned that they also speak dog. This sign, located at about canine level in front my local supermarket is a message to dogs whose owners are shopping inside, from a Fakta employee named Lone. It is entitled 'dog information', and the translation of the doggish is 'Calm down! It will only take 5 minutes.' What isn't immediately apparent is that the sign is lying...as I seem to keep pointing out (which leads to the question of how many times I can mention a store before I have to start a tag for it), the lines at this store are looooong. One can only hope that these dogs who read don't also have a good sense of time passing...but that being said, this dog seems perfectly o.k. with waiting.

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JD Bauer sagde ...

My 4 year old daughter can already speak 3 dialects of dog. Fynsk, Jyllandsk and sjællandsk.

On Fyn they say Vova! On Jylland they say davovs, and on Sjælland they say vo'ov'eh.

Simple American sagde ...

So the owner does not worry about someone taking the dog? What a funny sign.

Daphnewood sagde ...

it is a good thing they translated it at the bottom because I thought "vov, vuf, vif vov vov grrrr, vuuuuf" meant "no personal checks accepted- cash or credit only". boy, I would have looked silly

Tiffany sagde ...

That is too funny, a little humour to make the day!!!

HB sagde ...

morsom ide!

True Blue Guy sagde ...

Thats cute ! funny ! - How have you been, yes I kinda resurfaced again after ages and good to see you here

Wish you a lovely 2007, prosperous and all that


sophie sagde ...

the store should provide water
and a biscuit...or a play area -

how adorable!

Devil Mood sagde ...

I'm starting to think that Danes have a bit of a screw loose lol
Dogs are patient, you don't have to tell them...:)

marybishop sagde ...

The Danes love their dogs, eh? How about cats? My new cat has more distinct meows than I've ever heard from a cat. Soft and low ones, high and loud ones, plaintive ones, screw you ones etc.

I think that sign says so much about a loving people with a great sense of humor!

Vesper sagde ...

that's hilarious!!!

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

That is neat!

Leslie sagde ...

So is it pure coincidence that the Danish words also sound like dog barks? I must be missing something here (wouldn't be the first time...I'm often the last to understand the obvious).

Devil Mood sagde ...

Are you forbidden us to comment on your last post? hmmm
I like that cross-stitch bit, reminded me instantly of Capricorn and I wondered how the man has managed to get on top of the goat. Maybe it's not a goat...hmmm

kimananda sagde ...

Jonathan, that's so cool...who knew that dog Danish was so diverse!

Mr. American, Danes will leave anything outside of a store. Dogs, bikes, baby carriages...with babies in them. And the great thing is that (well, except for some of the bikes), no one messes with them while the owner is gone.

Daphnewood, :-) You make me laugh!

Tiffany, thank you!

HB, ja, det er det faktisk...hvad siger hundeinfo paa norske? ;-)

Blue, thanks and happy 2007 to you, too!

Sophie, yes, water or a play area would be good...I'm sure those dogs get bored waiting so long.

Ms. Mood, I've had some very impatient dogs, but I tend to agree with you...and the post without comments on was just a placeholder...there's a real post there now. And it is a goat...not sure about the Capricorn connection, but there could be something to it.

Mary, I'm not sure what the sign says about the Danes, but it's a great sign. I'll let you know if I see one for cats.

Vesper, it is, isn't it? And the dog just happened to be there, and really made the second photo, I think.

Day, thanks! I quite enjoyed it.

Leslie, you're thinking too hard. Think a sign in English which says 'Dog info: woof, woof, ruf-ruf, bark, woof', and then with a translation into English. :-)

[a} sagde ...

Aw, so cute.

Anonym sagde ...

It is a long wait at those stores. I know.haber du kan tage fem minutter og fortael mig hvordan du har det!? din ven David