tirsdag, maj 29, 2007

Conversations over Memorial Day weekend

A very small sampling of conversations held over the weekend:

Information sharing on the best phone to use to call 9-1-1, if the need should arise (answer, the house phone, not a cell, so the address will be sent automatically).

A discussion of the life-span of c-diff bacteria (not definitively known, but a long time), and the best way to avoid getting any oneself (copious hand washing with soap and water, and use of rubber gloves when, for example, changing ostomy bags).

Whether a certain size rubber glove fits, in case the usual bag changer is not available.

Whether it is more worrying for a very frail person with increasingly bad balance to descend steep stairs, or ascend them (I worry more about the descending, because of the balance, but the counter argument is that ascending is more worrying, due to strength issues).

All of these conversations on completely normal, in the realm of reality, subjects. For us, now. It's amazing to me how much we mold our conception of the normal based on current realities.

In other news, I have now officially taken over the job of feeding the rug-colored dog. As in, 'Hello, my name is kimananda, and I'll be your server for the evening. Today's special is a lovely kibble, sprinkled with a multi-vitamin garnish, and drizzled with a spoonful of delightful virgin olive oil, all served with a side bowl of refreshing tap water.'

By which I mean that, if you should see a three-legged Wheaten terrier in your neighborhood, with all her personal belongings wrapped in a handkerchief at the end of a stick, and a sign saying 'Running away, owners not feeding me', well, I'm the one to blame.

*Photo: Rug-colored dog in classic, 'Have you considered, just maybe, feeding the dog?' pose*

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Devil Mood sagde ...

The dog has 3 legs? I didn't notice that before. Funny how we always see the running away theme as including a stick with the belongings over one's shoulder ;)

It's true, we adapt to everything, in an amazing manner and later we don't even notice we did that, so when other people listen to our conversations we seem mad.
I could think of happier topics of conversation, certainly, but I'm sure those are the important ones at the moment.

Annemarie sagde ...

Oh man, I was 5 blogs behind! Nice that you're blogging again. If you decide to kidnap rug-coloured doggie, I volunteer as a dog-sitter.

Morose sagde ...

as Douglas Adams so brilliantly wrote in his screenplay for the Hitchhiker's Guide movie...
What is normality? What's home? and what are cows?

In other news, I am slowly turning into Zaphod Beeblebrox, the halfwit one-headed version.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, yep, 3 legs. I think the last dog photo showed that really clearly, but no one noticed. That says something about our perception of normal...why wouldn't a dog have 4 legs? And yep, they're important topics of conversation, but certainly not the only ones. We talk about happy things, too.

Annemarie, yep, I'm back. I don't think I'll be doing any dog-napping, but if I do, I'll let you know!

Morose, good questions, comforting ones even. And if you're turning into Zaphod, can you not just buy an extra head?

Anonym sagde ...

See seeeee I'm reading your blog ;-)
I'll be looking for planetickets

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh, that's good, happy things!
Oh right, I saw the other picture and it IS noticeable, but only if you know about the missing leg! The back leg seems to be in the position of the front one :)
Poor rug ;)

socialpest sagde ...

glad to see you blogging again! will come back more often when i get back. :)

Icarus sagde ...

Kimananda, havcing looked back to your Lx visit last summer, as well as read all the recent posts, I am fascinated! Perhaps the strangest part was trying - & succeeding, like a visual quiz - to guess where most of the photos were taken in Lisbon, like Principe Real and that place in Benfica with the jardim and an arquivo de detalhes sobre....mm, história? Quelquer coisa à ver com turismo? Não me lembro mais!
Really fascinated. Thanks for visiting me today (how did you find me??). Please return & beijinhos à tí

Etchen sagde ...

What a cute dog! WHat's his name?

Kunstemæcker sagde ...

That's the dog that guards the gates to the underworld. Look at its eyesssss! aah!

Morose sagde ...

I suppose I could, but with only half a brain I have a better shot at being President.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

well if I ever see him I will let you know.

Great comment!!

Maddie sagde ...

Three legs - truly?
I love that cutie pie - send her to me!

Simple American sagde ...

Hey there! I doubt that puppy will go any where soon. Hope all has been well with you!

Gondul sagde ...

I am amazed the rug coloured dog (so terribly cute) allowed you to take photos, after your paparazzi stalkings last time.


parisian cowboy sagde ...

Three legs ;) uuhh..

Lubna sagde ...

He is so cute, so adorable. He reminds me of the lines I learnt in primary school - Have you seen a little dog, anywhere about? A raggy dog, a shaggy dog, with eyes like twinkling stars. Hugs to the doggie.

theblackscorpio sagde ...

I hope, you're alright and stuff. There is a blanket-coloured cat on its way to your inbox :o)

marybishop sagde ...

What a darling rug-colored dog! Don't they say that a 3 legged table is the most stable? Did I dream that I wonder. My point being that puppy dog seems to be quite content minus that pesky leg.

kimananda sagde ...

Anonym, I see, I see...happy camino anniversary!

Ms. Mood, I think rug doesn't mind much. She's a 'roll with the punches' kind of dog.

Ameera, good to see you...I look forward to hearing about your trip!

Icarus, I'm not sure how I found you, but I'm glad I did. Beijinhos back at ya'!

Etchen, yay, it's good to see you back! And her internet name is 'rug colored dog'. I think it suits her.

Kunstemæcker, yes, that's it. That whole 'three-headed dog' should be 'three-legged dog', but was clearly mistranslated.

Morose, I can totally see that. Good luck with your campaign!

Day, thanks! So far, I've been feeding her pretty much, but we'll see if it lasts.

Maddie, yep, truly three legs. I'd send her to you, but I belive there are many here who'd be very, very cross with me if I did that!

Mr. American, I'm o.k., all things considered. But life upheaval is the order of the day. I'll blog about it eventually.

Gondul, this actually was one of the papparazzi photos. I haven't tried to get any of her this trip.

Parisian Cowboy, welcome. And yes, three legs. You can't really see it in this photo. She's still as cute as when she had four.

Lubna, welcome, and I've conveyed your hug to the rug-colored dog.

Ms. Black Scorpio, that was a cool cat. And you know the rest of what's going on. Things are otherwise very well.

Mary, I've heard that about tables as well. I'm not sure it translates to dogs, but then again, it might do. She doesn't seem to be too inconvenienced by the missing leg.

Nabeel sagde ...

I'm afraid I have to say that the dog doesn't look cute in that picture .. the green eye is kinda monstrous and the mouth, dirty ..

kimananda sagde ...

No, Nabeel, she doesn't look cute...and that's exactly the effect that best fits the tenor of the post. I reject the idea that dogs (or babies, or kittens, or stuffed animals, or anything else) have an obligation to look cute. Think less Hallmark and more Lucian Freud.