søndag, august 05, 2007

Writing 1 : -865736 Revising

I don't understand it, honestly I don't. Writing is, despite (and maybe because of) the fits and starts way that ideas present themselves, really fun. It's fulfilling, it's interesting, it can, when an exciting new theory or way of structuring a complex train of thought presents itself, even be exhilarating. I bitch about every paper and article, endlessly, but when all is said and done, I enjoy it. I'd gladly do it for a living, if I could figure out how.

Revising should be a natural extension of that process, hard work, but worth it. And it is worth it, eventually, but before it becomes worth it, it's horrible. I hate, loathe and detest it. It's not just hard work, it's outright impossible. How do people do it? How do you all do it?

Well, back to the aforementioned revisions...I seem to be aiming for a personal best for the longest time taken to revise an article, and it's gotta stop. You and the rest of the blogosphere are my witnesses. The article will be done today. If only so that I can start on the next one.

*This is the mascot for the Camino de Santiago. In our household we call him Palette, after his head shape. He's neither writing nor revising, but seems rather to be taking a nap, which would be very nice right now.

***Update, 6 August, 11am: O.K., I chose a good night's sleep over finishing, but only after I had reached to where the end was in sight. Now, I'm basically done. After a couple of days to let it rest, and then another run-through, and I do believe I may actually be able to send it in. :-) ***

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh the mascot is so cute :)
I love the little stick with the luggage ;)

"I'd gladly do it for a living, if I could figure out how." - you and me both.

I hate revising too. But you're doing the right thing now setting a deadline (and don't give in like I do; do it for real, like a true Virgo :)
Good luck!

Annemarie sagde ...

Well, I guess you've finished now. Congrat!

Greg Mills sagde ...

Did you finish? Writing is a manic depressive thing, isn't it? And revising is the depressive bit. I'm sure you're done now. Treat yourself to a nice soup or something.

Simple American sagde ...

Well done. Aren't you glad you kept writing. Word after word after word...

A mini ninja sagde ...

I changed my URL!

I'm now at TheMiniNinja.blogspot.com.

Yay! -Leslie

Anonym sagde ...

Ta' telefonen - du bliver inviteret i biografen.

Anonym sagde ...

I'm no english major...

I'll leave that up to you.
I'd gladly take a nap now if allowable (i'm taking a break at work)


Vesper sagde ...

you still have a link to my old typepad. i'm at blogger now! :)

Maddie sagde ...


Happy dance for you sweetie!

Anonym sagde ...

You're in Spain now?

Greg Mills sagde ...

So, whatcher want your title to be? Or I could think one up. Heh.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I have always been a big fan of Palette. Would you belive though, that it never occured to me that he's carrying his luggage...I just thought of it as his water...he is hiking, after all.

Annemarie, thanks...still need to do the final re-read though. I hope to have it done by the thesis defense, in any case.

Greg, almost...and I like that analogy. Revising is depressing. Oh, and I love my new officer title! Much cooler than anything I would have thought of.

Ms. Ninja, nice new site...I look forward to visiting, and avoiding throwing stars, more often.

'Anonym', tak for invitationen. Det var en rigtig dejlig film.

Day, I haven't been an English major either for a long time. At which point, I never revised anything. Which means that now I have to pay for not learning how to before. Did you get your nap?

Vesper, I know...I've just not updated my bloglist in a long time. I visit you in your new/old space, though.

Maddie, thanks!

Kunstemæcker, nope, still in the wilds of Northern Zealand. This was one of the photos from when I did the Camino in 2003.