lørdag, november 03, 2007

Does this count as an impulse buy?

Our very own parking disc. I'm so proud.

What can I say? Thor and I went out a couple of Fridays ago to look at some stuff. And along the way, we spontaneously bought a car and brought it home with us. O.K., I'll admit, one of the things we went out to look at was a car (I know, it takes away somewhat from the overall shock value to admit this), but we've been talking about getting one for ages. We were never actually going to really buy one though. That would take away all the joyful anticipation...wouldn't it?

So now we have a car. It's pretty practical, not totally uncute, has a few kilometers on it, but not scarily much, is not too old. And I'm now a car owner. Car co-owner to be exact. Something I never thought I'd be ever again, to be honest. Why would anyone living and working in a big city area need a car? The sad thing is, that while Thor was more into the 'owning a car' concept...he hasn't had his license for that long, and wants to be able to maintain his skills...I'm the one who works all over the island, travelling to multiple locations each day, all of which are far from home. And yet, I can't yet bring myself to drive to work, even on those days where I sleepwalk my way to the 6 a.m. train.

But the things we can do with a car! The things we have done! A week ago we drove to the far coast of Sweden to buy apple and cranberry juice (as of course you all do with your cars)...exploring the beautiful Scanian countryside replete with autumnal foliage (but alas, without a camera). We now seek out big warehouse stores, where we buy large items, because we can, we have a car. Well, truth be told, we don't buy that much stuff, and no large stuff, but we could, you know. It's the sheer possibility of it that thrills.

So, in short, for me at least, this car is all about the future, not so much the present. The fun is in thinking about where I could go next. If you were in Denmark with a car, where would you go? What would you do?

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jdbauer sagde ...

Um...yeah..I'd drive to Germany, work my way down to Austria...get to Italy eventually I guess.

Oh wait. Am I still in Denmark? Ugh..well I'd drive all the way up north as I've never been farther up than Aarhus.

Nice new look by the way! And congratulations on the new wheels!

Devil Mood sagde ...

Since I don't know Denmark, I'd have to go everywhere!
This seems to be the year to experience new, fresh things, ha? :)

heheh you made me laugh.
I never wanted to have a car (I mean, I did back when I didn't have a license), but I think some things about it would make me happy like you are right now.

kimananda sagde ...

Jonathan, yep, you're still in Denmark. Actually, the first time I had a car in this country (we won a weekend car rental a couple years back), I decided I wanted to see Skagen. Which we did. Over a very rushed weekend. In December. In the rain. I definitely am planning on going back, to see it properly this time. We also plan some road trips to nearby countries.

Ms. Mood, I definitely want to go everywhere! And I can't say that this is a completely new thing for me...it's my first car in Europe, but I was a stereotypical 'drive everywhere' Californian before, and in Portugal my best friend there was always insisting that I borrow his car...which I did. As in 'Paulo, I have the month off...can I borrow your car for a 2-week road trip to Barcelona?' Or 'Paulo, my boyfriend thinks he can get his visa extended if he leaves the EU and comes back...he's wrong, but he won't listen to me, so can we take your car to Morocco over Carneval weekend?' It's just in very recent years that I have been completely car-less. It is nice to have for times when transport isn't so convenient.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Did you go to Morocco?
I have some relatives that often go to the desert and spend a few days there. It's a little terrifying, if you ask me.

kimananda sagde ...

We did go to Morocco...though keep in mind that we left on a Saturday afternoon (I had to teach in the morning), and it's a long drive to Algeciras. In the end, we left the car in Spain, and just took ourselves on the ferry. I later estimated we had spent something like 24 hours of driving for something like 16 hours in Tangier, so hardly the middle of the desert. It was interesting, but not something I'd want to repeat under the same kind of circumstances.

Mr T sagde ...

So you fought the system and bought a car in tax ridden Denmark, you have reason to be proud!

Where should you go, well here are a few places from the top of my head:
1) buy a map of Denmark and cruise on all small/scenic routes in Nordsjælland
2) Møns klint
3) Rømø/Tønder and Ribe
4) Southern Fyn including island hopping on Ærø, Langeland and Tåsinge
5) Drive up along the beaches of the Danish west coast
6) Hilly Djursland
7) The heather landscapes around the beautiful Silkeborg søer.

And then you should certainly take a trip to Sweden, which in my opinion is one of the best cruising countries in the world if you like breathtaking nature and braindead dance music.

You can see a few pictures from my own trips at:

Wish you lots of memorable trips with the car!
(Gosh I love my Danish keyboard)

Simple American sagde ...

I would go cruising back to take the pictures I forgot to take the first time. Perhaps I would go searching the coast for the Little Mermaid too.

kimananda sagde ...

Mr. T, welcome! And thanks for the list...we've sort of covered the first one (at earlier times, with borrowed cars), but certainly not any of the others. I'll have lots to work with now. :-)

And, it's used car, so I can't say we were spoiling for a fight. I don't think we paid more for it than it would have cost elsewhere.

Mr. American, did you tour Denmark when you were in Germany? I would love to hear more about that!