onsdag, november 14, 2007

Everything is grey

Yes, it is truly a grey day. The snow is gone, and the resulting cold and drizzle...grey. The elections are over, and the results are black (same silly coalition government, which still includes the anti-immigration party) and white (the party I would have voted for if I could vote doubled their mandates), blending to form...grey. My posts feel as if they are getting more and more mundane and...grey. Life is going well, but things are still somewhat stalled and...grey.

Now, before this is accidentally misread, let me add that grey is, and for a very long time (at least since my early teenage years, maybe longer) has been, my favorite color. According to what I remember of my grandmother's old copy of Faber Birren's Color in Your World (now languishing in a box in a shed in California, awaiting eventual rescue), grey is a color that denotes seriousness. I recall reading something about grey being particularly attractive to older people who had put the adventuring and excitement of their younger days behind them. This stuck in my mind when I first read it as I didn't feel particulary old for a 12 year old. Serious, maybe a bit.

This book may have made such a mark because I don't hear much talk of grey otherwise. I have heard that grey is the new black. Thor brings up the point that grey is good for camoflauge if you're hiking in the forest in high altitudes or very rocky areas. It's apparently also good for hiding at night.

I like grey because of how it's nuanced. Its range seems somehow more extreme than that of other colors. Light blue and dark blue are different, of course, but light grey and dark grey are almost black and white. Or perhaps black and white are merely very dark and very light grey? But then again, black and white are not subtle in the way that shades of grey can be.

Grey matches anything and everything. It's the misty day, it's wolves, it's the stormy ocean or the mountains. It's elegant and sophisticated, yet it's granny's home-knit cardigan. It's seriously underappreciated, overshadowed by those extroverts red and orange. It's beautiful.

*photo credit, http://www.castiastone.com/colors/index.php*

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Devil Mood sagde ...

My God, even my brain is grey now! Everything's grey, your blog's gone grey too.

I've thought I should start calling myself grey too because I keep telling bloggers how I hate extremes and how nothing is black and white. It seems to be my motto these days. So grey is perfect. I laughed when you wondered if black and white weren't grey after all...

I saw the elections on Euronews but I didn't understand much. The parties have all the same names everywhere. Some people looked really happy there. Result: it's grey.

Wish you could spend a day here in the sun. We're having 22º tomorrow. It's insane, flowers are blooming. I should really stop torturing you about the weather, I'm sorry.

You must be having a Saturn transit conjunct your Sun - have you been aware of that? Saturn is so grey, I imagine. And serious. grey, grey, grey.


erin sagde ...

I like the grey template.

I also like grey wool coats. I like how you can wear a different coloured scarf every day and underneath it all is the same coat. You can be cheap and chic all at the same time.

theblackscorpio sagde ...

I love this post and blog in grey :o)

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Oh, and go spend money here:

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, the weather is not a torture...it's just annoying to stay outside waiting for a building to open. Otherwise, when one is indoors, or outdoors but moving, it's no problem. When I finally break out a hat and some gloves, it'll be even better (I have started with the long underwear, which helps). And I am having a Saturn conjunct sun...the description of it sounds very dire, and goes along with the now or never attitude I seem to have about some of my stalled projects at the moment.

And grey is good...embrace the grey! :-)

Erin, thanks! I felt like a change for the grey. And I totally agree about the classic grey wool coat...it's the winter equivalent of the little black dress.

Ms. Black Scorpio, thank you! And for the link as well. How can I not spend money buying books by the kilo?!