torsdag, november 01, 2007

Yes, it's true. I am officially great.

A blog post in question and answer format.

Q: 'Officially great'? Isn't that a bit much?
A: Well, I'm referring to it as part of a longer expression. Other titles I considered were, 'Starting out NaBloPoMo with an attention getter', 'Maybe this should have been a Halloween post, as it contains news which is scary (in an exciting way)', or 'Attention: bun in oven'. I think you'll agree that I picked the best of a rather mediocre bunch.

Q: So, this is all a ploy to tell everyone that you're knocked up.
A: Yeah, basically.

Q: Aren't you supposed to post gratuitous ultrasound pictures or something? Or tell us some words of wisdom that 'no other pregnant woman before you has ever known'?
A: No ultrasound'll just have to take my word for it, they're cool, and actually look sort of like a baby, rather than the white lines on a black background abstract art I was expecting to see. As for words of wisdom, I don't feel any wiser than other pregnant women throughout history, but I am amassing a serious collection of reading material on pregnancy-related subjects.

Q: Such as?
A: Well, of course some of the usual suspects (like this, which I find fairly useful, but which is beginning to get boring through sheer overreading, or this, which is a fairly dry read, but it enables me to talk about things like 'nuchal fold tests' in Danish), but also some others. I especially enjoyed Birth: A History. This one can be summarized in one sentence: we should all be grateful that doctors have learned to wash their hands before examining patients. The actual history in the book was also interesting. For those who would rather get their information from the internet, The Onion is always a sure source of information, even about pregnancy. And I haven't added any video to my collection yet, but I believe the plan is to get a group together for an evening of fun, merriment, and all the alien movies on DVD. It just seems proper to see them at this point. You know, just in case I end up having a cesarian.

Q: Does this mean that you'll be turning into a mommy blogger?
A: No. My role models on this are all my favorite blogging buddies who have kids, but don't feel the need to dwell on them in their blogs.

Q: Good...oh, and I suppose you should share some of those details that everyone always wants to know, I'm sure you know what those are.
A: O.K., well to answer the questions that I'm already getting from everyone, well first off, my greatness will end and my new career as a milk provider/diaper changer is due to begin sometime in the middle of May, but I predict it'll be earlier than that. Speaking of early, it's too early to say if it's a boy or a girl. And Thor and I have some ideas for names, but it's a bit too early to share any of them. Oh, and everything has been very smooth so far, no morning sickness or anything. Just a second, I need to find some wood to knock on....

Q: All right, just one more question before you go...don't you think you're a little old for this kind of thing?
A: Yeah, probably. But I have the feeling that I wouldn't have gotten any younger by waiting.

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Etchen sagde ...

I am sooooo excited for you! When are you due? Wait, so this means, no stories about how your child said his first words at 3 weeks of age or any horrible diaper changing stories?

Gondul sagde ...

But we want the stories! Especially if they involve you having one-sided conversations with the little one.

So happy for you and Thor - cannot stop smiling.

Kirstine sagde ...

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it.. there where just some of the things you said the last time I saw you that made me think: ahh she's pregnant!

Huge congratulations from here as well!!!

roro sagde ...

Congratulations to you and Thor! Such fantastic news! Love the FAQ format. Also, that was totally the right title.

Devil Mood sagde ...

A little Taurus coming to the world :))))

Alien? Oh. have you ever seen that bbc sitcom Coupling? It reminded me of one of those episodes.

You're not old. You did, didn't it? That means you can :)

Could my comments be any more...random?!

;) I'm delighted for you.

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Ah, now I know, what "being oficially great" means :DDDDD

Congratulations and massive hugs!

erin sagde ...

Congrats :)

And non-20something moms are way cooler because they know so much more stuff and they're generally awesome people. That's why I had one.

sangroncito sagde ...


kimananda sagde ...

Etchen, thanks! Due date around the second week in May. Or thereabouts. The problem is, the baby-to-be doesn't know how to use a calendar. So, basically, who can say? And, I don't plan on telling those kinds of stories, but of course I'm sure it'll creep in here...after all, it is and will remain a major part of my life.

Gondul, I'll be more than happy to tell you all about it via Skype or chat. And, to continue our last conversation, smiling is also good...especially when accompanied by breathing. :-)

Kirstine, you are one of a few people whom I'm pretty sure figured it out. I'm glad none of you asked me about it, as I never did decide how I would answer such a question.

Roro, thanks! We're pretty excited about it, as you can imagine. And I'm glad you liked the title. It just seems the nicest pregnancy phrase, really.

Ms. Mood, actually when I was younger (and, if I'm honest, later than that), I used to think about when would be good times of year to get pregnant so as to get a child born under an amenable sign. I'm cool with Taurus. There's a slight possibility (though very slight) that it might be early enough to be Aries, which would also be good. And no, I'm not so old...but I did get the impression that I'd managed to convince my whole family that I would never have kids (just because it took me so long to get around to it). And I haven't seen Coupling, but I will look into it.

Ms. Black Scorpio, thanks! And the whole phrase is 'great with child'. I just like shortening it to 'great'. :-)

Erin, thanks! And it sounds like you chose the right mom...actually some of my closest friends who have kids had them in their 30's, so I really just to look at the role models that I have to see that my chances are pretty good.

Sangroncito, obrigadissima! :-)

Etchen sagde ...

PLease do tell any of the stories, but especially pictures fo the little angel when it arrives! Yeah!

Devil Mood sagde ...

I think about that too, haha. I think from a mother's point of view, Taurus might be a little better. They're both incredibly stubborn and you can imagine when they're little (!!) but perhaps you can have a little more control over a taurus. I think mothers want control, I imagine...

This is really silly. ;)

kimananda sagde ...

Etchen, photos, you will definitely get some. Once again, probably not all the time, but certainly at key moments, like in the very beginning.

Ms. Mood, Thor is a stubborn Aries, emphasis on the word stubborn. Either way, but especially with a Taurus, I'm already gearing up for the battle of wills between father and child, to see who is more stubborn. For what it's worth, my money is on the kid, but my strategy will just be to sit back and let them sort it out!

And I don't know that 'control' is the right word, but I do hope I have a kid that is at least somewhat managable. But not too much...I also have the idea that a stubborn kid who knows what (s)he wants will be lots more fun as a kid and a lot more interesting as an adult.

Liv sagde ...

Is this just an excuse to get out of running the Copenhagen Marathon? Congratulations, by the way
: )

kimananda sagde ...

Yes, Liv, that's it. You found me out! But ya'gotta admit, it's a pretty good excuse, isn't it? ;-)

Actually, the plan is just to try again for the year after. I've now heard from multiple sources that women do better in marathons if they've gone through pregnancy, so perhaps it's good to do things in this order.

Chibithulhu sagde ...

Dok Holocaust's first thought upon discovering that Kimananda has a spawnling en-route: "...Oh dear, another one."

It seems like everyone except me has kids or is expecting kids, while I'm too busy with my third childhood to bother with anything as complicated and grotesque as dating, let alone mating.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Dok! Nice to see you here, especially under the Chibithulhu moniker...I can understand the aversion to dating. I've never done much of it myself, actually.

As for having kids, my take on it is that either one feels the need to have them, or they don't. If you don't (either temporarily or permanently), then there's nothing to worry about. If you do, then there's still nothing to worry about, as you're hardly at the age where you have to be in rush about it. So, in short, enjoy your third childhood until it's time to enter into your fourth one, and then enjoy that.

wicked sure sagde ...

Congrats! I'm not surprised though... Some people would just make such wonderful parents that you know it's eventually going to happen - the world simply wouldn't make sense at all if things were any other way.

wicked sure sagde ...

oh yeah, about that marathon... The woman who won the NYC marathon yesterday just had a baby in January, so there's probably something to that :-)

kimananda sagde ...

Thank you...that's so sweet! :-) And I've been reading up on Paula Radcliffe recently. I've been a fan of hers (of sorts) for a while, as she's always fascinated me. It was nice to see her back in action.

Simple American sagde ...


Dang. I hate work. It makes me procratinate on the wrong things. Like reading blogs.

I waited to get younger and it did not work. But I like the hair.

kimananda sagde ...

Thanks! And I know what you mean about blogs and procrastination. Though I feel it's a relatively justifiable form of procrastination.