onsdag, december 19, 2007

Winning isn't everything, but it sure is nice when it happens.

All right, I admit it. I really got a lot out of posting everyday in November. And I obviously haven't been keeping it at all up in December without the motivation of saying to myself, well, it's part of NaBloPoMo, I really should think of something to say and then go ahead and say it.

The really good part of the whole experience was of course the experience itself. Blogging really is different if you do it everyday. An added bonus was that it seems to have started me out on a mini-winning streak, which kind of makes me feel guilty (I feel guilty when I win things, like I've won victory at the expense of all those who didn't win, strange I know), but it's also sort of nice to be a winner.

Two things I won for the posting everyday. A randomly drawn gift of some beautiful soldered pendants with vintage photos. Which I will post about as soon as I have a photo of them (it's always something with me and my camera, and right now I have the camera and cord but not the adapter to plug the cord in). And some crib bedding, not randomly drawn, but specifically for me having announced my, erm, current condition before anyone else in the month. That one I felt the most guilty about as I hadn't even intended to announce in November. I had intended it as a Halloween post, but there was someone I wanted to tell in person before he read it on my blog. My Dad, to be precise (Hi Dad!), as it seemed a bit, well, a lot, tacky for him to find out he was to become a grandfather by reading my blog. So, I talked to him early in the morning (like 3:30 early) on the 1st, and then posted later that day. And won a prize that I didn't at the time know about.

But as I have said, the streak continues. The latest is a bet made with Thor about the gender of our baby to be. The prize, the loser pays for a luxury dinner in Vienna (where we'll be over Christmas). Is it wrong to bet on such a basic thing? Whether it is or not, I can afford to be Machiavellian about it. Because the ends have justified the means, as I've won. I've made reservations at La Ciel.

Alas, the winning seems to have taken away my stellar blogging everyday record. Here's hoping that a public announcement will make the winning streak end so that I can go back to earning things through effort.

7 kommentarer:

phish sagde ...

i'll bet its a little girl. or rather happier if it is. there is nothing more beautiful in the whole wide world.

roro sagde ...

Congrats on your winnings! And apparently parents do love hearing good news from you personally rather than reading it on your blog. Crazy parents...

Devil Mood sagde ...

You've won? So you already know the sex? :)
Christmas in Vienna - I quite like the sound of that, I must say!

Etchen sagde ...

So what sex of the baby are you each betting it is?
An early Merry Christmas to you!

Smiler sagde ...

My dear! Like every other human being on this earth you're entitled to getting a lucky break once in a while. There's really no need at all to feel so guilty about it. And why shouldn't you be just as entitled or more than the next person? I say just let the winnings roll!

We'll I don't know if you'll perceive this as winning or losing, but I've tagged you for a "Hoopla". Which I think is a good thing because it will give you something to blog about! Isn't that wonderful? :-D

kimananda sagde ...

Phish, you are absolutely right, all the way through. Though of course if it were a boy, I'd have to disagree with you on the second part. ;-)

Roro, thanks! And yep, crazy parents. But I suppose they have their own crazy logic.

Ms. Mood. Yep, I won, and found out it's a girl. Vienna was very Christmassy as well. I'd recommend it.

Etchen, it's a girl. We won the bet through our last ultrasound.

Smiler, I see it as more winning, and I've posted on your hoopla, only slightly modified. A good first post of the year. And I try not to feel guilty about achievement, but it's difficult to break myself of that habit for some reason.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Yay a girl! :)
Personally, I'd want a girl more than a boy. I know what they say about sons-mothers, daughters-fathers but I'd still prefer a girl.
How nice!

Will be back to read the new post later.