mandag, januar 21, 2008

A dichotomy between image and words

The Buddha on my windowsill symbolizes peace. Which is to say that he does not fit in with my overall day, marked by annoying appointments, unproductively foreshortened classes, and not least, clogged toilets. Which is not to say that I've had a bad day...actually, I haven't at all. But what could make future days more meditative? All solutions gladly welcomed.

My current solution to all ills is a glass of milk. Actually, several glasses. It's highly effective, but perhaps not very long-term. I'd give a more coherent post, but I'm still traumatized by the toilet clogging incident (I won't go into too many details on that one, but you can take my word for it that it was rather impressive, in a really disgusting way).

4 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

There's no meditating with crap coming out of the toilet, I'll give you that LOL

I'm sorry. The most meditative moments for me are those when nobody else is awake around me, usually during the night, and I watch the street and everything is quiet.

Annemarie sagde ...

Meditation? Meditative for me is walking with the wind against you. But, as you have experienced, rather not at the beach :).

erin sagde ...

I have an ecologically sound, super low flow toilet, so I feel your pain.

As for meditation, I like to go for walks. They have an added bonus of being good for you too.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, it was maybe not meditating, but it did become of point of focus. :-o And I hear you about the night...I've started the annoying habit of spontaneously getting up at 2am, and being awake for a couple of hours, and it's actually quite peaceful.

Annemarie, that is a good experience, but maybe not in Winter! :-)

Erin, it's good to know I'm not alone in having a somewhat tempermental toilet. And walks...yes, I should be taking more of those.