torsdag, januar 17, 2008

Ei blot til lyst

This is written above the stage at the Royal Theatre, and translates to 'not just for pleasure', meaning that it should also offer culture, education. Tonight's showing of Mozart's early and lesser known opera 'Lucio Silla' gives the phrase a whole new meaning. If you are ever given the chance to see this opera with a minimalist set, where the performers dress in plain grey suits, and in those suits sing about intrigue in the Roman empire, if you have that chance, don't take it. Just don't.

On the other hand, it's always good to hang out in the Royal Theatre, because there's so much in the theatre itself to look at when one is bored.

2 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

I don't think I would take a chance to watch any opera, unless it was a tiny show,and I don't believe there are any lol
But the places are usually beautiful, true.

kimananda sagde ...

I find opera really fun, dramatic and exciting, and would recommend it. I had never really gone to too many before, but it's quite popular in Denmark, and Thor and his parents are really into it. It's all about engaging with the story and the production. I always leave an opera thinking that I really should see more of them (though tickets are really hard to get here).