fredag, januar 25, 2008

Friday night -ology

I've been meaning to address the topic of astrology for a long time now, but today is more a day for numerology, as this is my 200th post. Not such a great achievement, but seeing how long it's taken me to get to this point, well, maybe it is. I suspect that endeavors such as NaBloPoMo and Blog365 are much to blame for my reaching this milestone. While I am off celebrating (both the 200 posts thing, and of course, weekiversary), feel free to analyze my blog's horoscope (courtesy of Or better yet, go out and celebrate in my blog's honor.

7 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

It's interesting!
My blog is a Gemini too (many blogs are, which isn't surprising, or maybe it is).
Isn't it neat that it has a Virgo ASC? Blogs and bloggers with similar characteristics, just like families ;)
I'm afraid your blog has a few self-esteem problems with that Saturn.

Congratulations on the 200th post, it's not about the number but the quality and with Virgo rising every post is well taken care of.

Devil Mood sagde ...

lol I thought I read 20th instead of 30th June - I have a really small monitor, you know..:P

Chloe sagde ...

happy 200th post. may you write 200.000
Is that good or bad? 200.000? I hope it's good! (i meant it as a wish) :)

Novel Nymph sagde ...

i have forgotten even to count my posts--but i am VERY excited for your milestone! 200 more!!!!

i knew this would be a post after devil's heart.

my blog is a scorpio...


Greg Mills sagde ...

My blog was born in the year of the Green Wood Monkey, according to the Chinese astrological calendar. This may explain why it has that peculiar smell.

And don't get too close to my blog's cage. It might fling poo at you.

Middle Ditch sagde ...

You have loads in house 11 which is excellent. Had they be in the 12th, doom and gloom.

I'm an aquarius with gemini ASC.

Happy blogging.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, it seems logical that a sign like Gemini would spawn a lot of blogs. But my blog, as the name indicates, is an on-line home, so it's logical for it to be a homey sign, like Cancer. I suppose the Saturn and the Ascendant keep it modest and humble. ;-)

Chloe, thanks! 200,000 posts would be cool...just give me a few years. ;-)

Novel, I haven't been counting my posts, but I notice that blogger does it for me...when you next are in your posts (the place where you can edit them), look at the top, and you'll get a total number of posts (this is posts plus drafts, so be sure to subtract the drafts to get the number of published posts).

And I like Scorpio things, so it's no wonder that I like your blog!

Greg, I always knew your blog was scary! Mine is apparently a wood Rooster. Not sure exactly what that means.

Middle Ditch, welcome! I hadn't noticed the house distribution. Keep in mind though that this is a chart for my blog. My chart is basically all 6th and 7th house stuff (almost totally), and not very many signs with planets in them either.