torsdag, januar 10, 2008

Suburbia personified

They say that having a child changes a relationship. They fail to say that it also turns relatively hip boyfriends into domestic obsessives. Watch the video on this page, and imagine having certain phrases whispered in your ear by your beloved. Phrases like 'buy me', 'you love me', 'baby needs dryer'. All of these having to do with the product itself. Unlike the video, which seems to have very little to do with the Miele washer/dryer being sold.

I'm very much hoping not to be swayed. Not by the thought of having a washing machine in the house, which goes along nicely with my idea to clothe our daughter in cloth diapers. (Maybe my delusion? Time will tell.) But rather by the thought of spending such a ridiculously large amount of money. I've never bought a washing, I take that back, I've never bought a new washing machine, and I've never bought a dryer. Is it really worth spending more than twice as much as any other machine just because it's a brand that's known for being reliable? I have the definite idea that Thor has his heart set on this one, and nothing else will do. I just keep thinking about what else we could do with the price differential, and for that matter, if we have that kind of money at all.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Cloth nappies ...HA!
;) No, really, I think it's admirable that you're considering it!

I'm no expert but I've heard that machines that wash and dry get problems more easily. It's not attractive to buy two machines to do that, but they do exist separately ;) But since it's Miele, it's a good brand, maybe it'll work.

kimananda sagde ...

Yep, cloth...this is the one thing that has gotten all of Thor's family quite curious (though I have always made it quite clear that I may well have a diaper-induced nervous breakdown after a week, and send Thor out to buy industrial size bags of the disposables...but I want to try it, anyway).

And I'm sure that combination machines have many more problems, but we simply don't have space for two machines, and we'd both like a dryer, especially in the damp Danish winter. I suspect that we will end up paying for the Miele. But I'm only saying this because Thor doesn't read my blog. ;-)

phish sagde ...

ah. i bought meself a machine a couple of weeks back. technologically superior that i am, i still havent found the need for three button and one whole knob.

and i have a trifle more than nappies to clean. and hopefully, dry :)

(doing something i should have awhile back. its called blogrolling)

kimananda sagde ...

Phish, I'm in awe that you've used all except 3 buttons and a knob. I tend to learn what I need to do, and then stick to that. And thanks for the blogrolling...I've started updating mine, too! :-)