søndag, februar 17, 2008

6 things, or better late than never

A long time ago, I came up with this post, in preparation to doing this meme (for which I was tagged by the inimitable Devil Mood). Then, I forgot all about the meme. Silly me.

So, according to the rules, I'm supposed to:

- Link to the person that tagged you.
- Post the rules on your blog.
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
- Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
- Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

Because I'm increasingly obsessed (and because that's what the photos in the previous post referred to), the theme is babies. Both preparation for babies and metaphoric babies.

1) Preparation: I have finally found my pregnancy craving. Milk. I prefer skim, or better yet, mainly skim milk with just a splash or two of chocolate milk mixed in. I don't really put enough in to add too much chocolate flavor, but it gives a bit of interest anyway, and a slightly richer color. The craving comes and goes, but has been a relative constant for a few weeks now. This would go with the first photo in that other post.

2) Metaphoric: There is so much going on in my life at the moment, which I don't blog about. For example, Tristino, my PhD proposal in training/quasi-metaphorical baby. Working on a proposal is like running a marathon through hip-high mud. I'm not sure how far I'm getting, but it seems to be coming together despite all my distractions and procrastinations. All I need to do is to get my research idea, a very abbreviated literature review, a project timeline, and a short reference list together...in no more than 5 A4 pages. In February. I'm being cautiously optimistic that I will actually achieve this. This would go with the second photo, of the bound dissertations.

3) Preparation: I have been hearing about women in about the same stage of pregnancy as I am who have had their babies already. This is far too early to be having a baby, but the babies seem to be surviving (though not without a stretch in intensive care). This is reassuring (if I gave birth now, she'd most likely survive) and frightening (there are people who give birth really really early) at the same time.

4) Metaphoric: Questions which I should be thinking about and researching, but instead I am blogging: What is everyday life, and how does internet use intersect with that? How is the internet like a city, and how is it different? How far can such metaphors be practically applied in research, and what kind of methodology would be useful for exploring such questions? How can I effectively explore any of this in 5 A4 pages?

5) Preparation: I now know why pregnant women bump into things, spill food on themselves while eating, get soaking wet while washing the dishes. It's all body image, and delusion. Because, while I know on a theoretical level that I'm bigger, I don't feel any bigger. By which I mean, if I stretch my arms out away from my body, close my eyes, and think of how I look, it's clear to me that I'm the same size that I've always been. But of course, I'm really not. Which means that I am starting to bump into things...let's just say that I now reach wherever it is that I'm going a split second before I expect to. The other day, I caught sight of myself in the reflective glass in a picture frame, and though, 'That can't be me. I look pregnant or something!' Evidence given in the photo for this post.

6) More preparation: I had some ideas in mind when I posted the three photos in that earlier post, but now, I can't remember why I posted the photo of the moses basket. Probably I was making a list of things I need to buy. Really, there's not that much that one needs to buy for a baby, leaving me with a much shorter list than I expected. Poor, poor, minimalist baby. But really, I keep looking at suggested shopping lists, and considering all of them, and really, there's not so much that is really needed.

So, who to tag? I'm tagging people from whom I haven't seen any new posts in a while, and I'm only tagging three, as a lot of those I read have done this, or something similar before, in several cases, more than once. Just because I know all three in real life doesn't make me miss their on-line presence any less. This means you, FourLegged, KB, and Gondul.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh I had forgotten about it too.
Is that your belly? It's big :)

I wouldn't worry because I bump into things, spill food over myself and get wet while washing the dishes. I'm not kidding. I'm a bit clumsy.

I can't imagine how you can be thinking about all of this, blogging everyday and still having the clarity of main to get into philosophical, theoretical questions!

kimananda sagde ...

Yep, that's me. And I'll only get bigger over the next 2 and a half months.

And I have always been a full-body eater as well, but the bumping into things is a bit different...before, I could see that I was going to bump into something. Now, I really think I have room, and then suddenly I don't. It's quite spooky, actually.

And clarity of mind? I don't have any...that's part of the reason why it's so difficult to focus enough to get any proposal writing done!

Chibithulhu sagde ...

How is the internet like a city? There are big well-maintained places visited by many that form the center of their internet experience just as such a place would be an ideologically if not geographically central location in a city. the farther you get from these places (in internet terms, the less likely you are to find a link to your destination at them), the less maintained it is. also: there is a criminal element to it that stays largely hidden and is suspicious of outsiders that come poking around uninvited.

kimananda sagde ...

Hmmm, I like the idea of center and periphery on the internet. This would be really cool to map (not by me, there are scores of geography people doing that, but well, it would be cool to add to their work).

I like this. And it's good to see you around! I have been negligent in visiting and commenting as well, but hope to change that when I start my leave.

Chibithulhu sagde ...

the maps have been done by webcomickers as well: http://xkcd.com/256/ is one, and another is at http://xkcd.com/195/ which charts it out by IP number.

kimananda sagde ...

Hey, that's cool. I'd seen the first one of these, but not the second. Thanks for the links!