fredag, februar 22, 2008

Apple for the teacher

There are some days, quite regular days, where it occurs to me that I really am a teacher. That after however many years of being in classrooms, something has become an integral part of me.

There are other days, not so many in this case, where it occurs to me that everyone is a teacher. And of course a student. That we are all together, and interacting together, so that we may teach, and so we may learn.

To that end, please take an apple. You deserve it, and they're very good.

4 kommentarer:

Gondul sagde ...

Thank you miss :)

Devil Mood sagde ...

hehe that's cute and true!

TIV: the individual voice sagde ...

I'm a therapist. I think the same also applies, though maybe less so, unless you count friends as therapists, which they are.

kimananda sagde ...

Gondul, you're more than welcome. :-)

Ms. Mood, I suppose it is.

Tiv, welcome! And I think it could apply to therapists,'s just a question of whether the therapy offered by any given person matches that needed by any given person. Which is the same with teaching, now that I think about it.