torsdag, marts 13, 2008

Nothing to declare...

...but my total blogging addiction. I managed to miss getting to my new 'usual' internet cafe until after it was already closed. So, does that mean that I'm missing a day? Nope, just that I'm at another cafe, one that has an even stickier keyboard than at my regular (so, any letters missing should be seen as just part of the charm). I'm hardly even checking my e-mail, no time to answer comments (I look forward to responding to all posts when I get back), but post. Really, it's more than a bit pathetic.

It sort of makes me wonder what other good habits I could get into if only I force myself to follow them everyday. Taking vitamins? (Though I am not so regular at doing that, actually). Exercising? (Maybe later...I managed a 50-minute very light hike today, felt really well afterwards, but now suspect that I'll need the rest of this trip, and another week or so at home to recover). Maybe, just maybe, it will all be clearer after a good sleep. Any suggestions you can make, to await me when I am back in my usual cafe with familiar sticky keys, will be greatly appreciated.

3 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

I admire you, I do.
Don't worry about replying to my comments, they're very self-sufficient lol
No suggestions, apart from some exercise. I need it for my mind.

Scholiast sagde ...

Just a thought... Have you told your little princess-in-spe that she'll have to make it quick? I mean, I doubt they'll let you run off from the delivery room to an internet café ;) But she understands she'll have to be less than 24 hours, right?

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, nothing to admire...feel sorry for, maybe! And I like responding to comments. It makes it more of a mini-dialog. And I much prefer other blogs (such as yours) where comments are answered. It makes a difference to know that the person writing is also reading the comments at all.

Scholiast, I have the idea that I will miss some time for the birth. I think that'll be excusable. But it makes me all the more interested in not missing any before that, if that makes sense. :-) Although I am considering mobile phone blogging, just to let people know that a birth has taken place, when it does.