onsdag, april 23, 2008

39x365 #23: Buddhist ex-coworker

After a lifetime of flirting with Zen, your non-Zen Buddhism intrigued me. Alas, one lunch with you, and it was clear that your sect, encouraging repeated mantra praying as a way to material success, was deeply not for me.

3 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

agh, what a disappointment!

Vesper de Vil sagde ...

eeewwwww......that's so incredibly warped and backwards!

kimananda sagde ...

Hey, a Devil and a de Vil! ;-) And you're both right. It was disappointing, warped, backwards, and just plain odd.

If I recall correctly, I had lunch with my colleague and a friend of hers, and they were very much salespeople. It's sort of like I'd imagine from organizations like 'Campus Crusade for Christ', only Buddhist. It was that sort of 'we can help you, we will be your friend, you will achieve your wildest dreams with our methods.' It was a bit creepy, to be honest. But not otherwise a bad lunch. It was right before I left that job, so I never had to really follow up on it or deal with that colleague again, which is a good thing.