onsdag, maj 07, 2008

39x365 #26: Girl in Japanese restaurant

A field trip to a Japanese restaurant, clearly your first experience with Japanese cuisine. You pre-ordered sashimi and lobster, but were not expecting raw fish and a live lobster. The waiter grudgingly allowed you to change your order.

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Devil Mood sagde ...

poor girl! I wouldn't bevery happy with a live lobster neither....ugh..

kimananda sagde ...

It was a rather odd situation...I grew up eating Japanese food periodically, and I've never run across a live lobster being served as part of a Japanese meal, before or since. I have asked Japanese students about this as well, and still don't know how common it is to eat lobster in this way in Japan, though a Google search shows that it is done this way at least sometimes.

Adam sagde ...

Well, the raw fish I would have expected.. but not the live lobster. O.o

Though assuming they had a way for me to boil it at the table I'd be willing. But raw shellfish? no thanks... hmm


Are shellfish kosher at all? Bad bad Kim... :-D

kimananda sagde ...

That's exactly what I thought...sashimi, o.k., I know what that is (actually, I had preordered a giant sashimi platter...it was fabulous), but the live lobster was really a shock to me, too.