onsdag, oktober 01, 2008

Of Facebook groups, babies, and elections

I try to avoid video links here, but I really can't help but post this one. You've most likely all seen it before, probably multiple times.

It's funny, and sad, because it's so scarily accurate. Which gets me thinking about a Facebook group I recently came across (and joined), 'I have more Foreign Policy Experience than Sarah Palin', which as of today has 171 thousand members. In fact, it occurs to me that my 5-month old daughter has more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin. Yes, it's true. She's been to one foreign country, and will be touring 2 more in the next few weeks. She's bicultural, and exposed regularly to two different languages. And, in the various groups that she attends, she interacts with babies from many different countries, and is equally at ease with all of them. Add to that her 'tell it like it is' approach to problem solving, and why shouldn't she be considered for Vice President?

So, I suppose this means that I'm really not a Republican?

9 kommentarer:

Annemarie sagde ...

Yes, your daughter has the right experience! She has my vote.

Bluefish sagde ...

I'm so happy that you finally updated! I have seen these videos many times and many expats said she's scary. I don't follow politics so I don't know much about Sarah Palin.

How are you doing lately?

erin sagde ...

I'd vote for her. Your daughter, not Palin. Palin scares me.

May sagde ...

Ah, but can your daughter see Russia from your house?

Scholiast sagde ...

.. and your daughter wasn't born in the States, now, was she, so she can't be president :P Sadly... I think Sarah Palin is hilarious, it's just that if she comes into office and mr ancient kicks it, it really won't be funny anymore ...

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

That was my first time seeing that... funny.
I would vote for baby girl before Palin any day.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Palin was in Saturday Night Live (and her impersonator too) and I have to say I could hardly distinguish them.
As for this post, I had the privilege of hearing it live, that was a first. :)

doktorholocaust sagde ...

let's not forget: your daughter is, if not potty trained already, at least potty-trainable and will be out of diapers within her first presidential term, while McCain is on his way back into them if not dependent upon them already.

kimananda sagde ...

Annemarie, excellent! That's her first vote!

Bluefish, I'm doing well...I'll be by to see your blog in a bit. And tillykke on getting married!

Erin, Palin scares me too. My daughter as well on occasion, but not at all in the same way.

May, no...but if we took away a few buildings, and got really strong binoculars, and it was a clear day, then she could see Sweden. Does that count?

Scholiast, it's an interesting question, whether my daughter is eligible (or whether Mc Cain is, as he was born in Panama). She did get citizenship automatically at birth, though, so most likely she is (see http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/28/us/politics/28mccain.html if you'd like some more background).

Day, funny and scary.

Ms Mood, yes! It was very cool relating it to you live, too! :-) And I saw the clip with the two Palins as well...I hadn't realized exactly how similar they were until seeing it.

Dok, I hadn't thought about it that way, but yes, totally true. And funny...but scary.