torsdag, juli 07, 2005

Hanging out with Lady Liberty

Well, as you can see, I was able to get my camera to work...for about twenty minutes. So, instead of taking pictures of my favorite signs (the signs are the best part of any demonstration, in my opinion), I restricted myself to writing down the various messages. There was, as one would expect at an anti-Bush rally, a preponderance of anti-Bush slogans, such as 'BUll SHit', 'Bush! Hands off our continent', 'Bush - how do you sleep at night?, and 'Free US from Bush.' Best of show for this category goes to 'Trim that nasty Bush', a nicely handmade sign with a nifty drawing of a pair of scissors.

Other political agendas were as usual also drawn into the fold, my favorite being a very well put together cloth banner reading 'Sustainable energy stops war for oil' on the flip side of 'Shared wealth stops terrorism.' Some of the give away signs also addressed important issues. In the second photo above, you can see the corner of 'Indvandrere er ikke problemet - det er Bush og Fogh' (Immigrants are not the problem - the problem is Bush and Fogh), which is a very right-on take on a very polemic issue at the moment here.

Beyond the signage, it was a lovely day and a very successful protest, from what I could see. The media puts the attendance at 20,000, which means that it may have been a bit more than that. I have had problems finding a good link (though here is a not so good one) to events with pictures in English--even the official site appears not to have been updated yet.

So...when's the next one...and can someone lend me a nice digital camera?

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Humor Girl sagde ...

Hi! Thanks for paying me a visit. I always LOVE new friends. Glad you had a good day, I've never been to a protest.

Anonym sagde ...

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