søndag, august 28, 2005

Birthday 43 things

At the request of the delightful daphnewood, I have compiled a list of the 43 things I would like to do before I die. It was not easy - in fact all the odd moments in the day, in between visits to various relatives, were spent (with helpful suggestions provided by him and him)trying to think of things that I really feel I must do in my life. Perhaps I was taking it all a bit too seriously because I am now the ripe old age of 37, and should get a bit more of a move on. Though they do say that life begins at 40. And I am the patron goddess of procrastination. So, without further ado, before I die, I would like to...

1) learn the words to the Danish version of 'Happy Birthday' (there are several verses.)
2/3) get my Portuguese back to where it was while still continuing to improve my Danish.
4/5/6) visit all the continents...at this point, this means South America, Antarctica, and Africa (I was in Morocco, but for less than a day, so it doesn't count).
7) own my own house.
8) have a job where I earn enough that I can afford a mortgage.
9/10/11) have articles or papers published in at least 5 academic journals, 5 large-circulation publications, and the Weekly World News
12) retire before I'm 80.
13) learn how to build websites by building my own.
14) learn how to take professional quality photographs.
15) get a tattoo.
16) make my own cross-stitch designs.
17) learn to meditate.
18) live to see and enjoy my 101st birthday.
19/20) travel around India and China.
21) learn to speak and write Mandarin Chinese.
22) be family reunified (this relates to my visa status in Denmark).
23) stop procrastinating so much.
24) get into better physical shape.
25) find a job that I look forward to going to almost every day.
26) complete a PhD.
27) decide what I would like to do a PhD in.
28) radiate self-confidence.
29/30) see more of California and the rest of the US.
31) stop worrying so much about all sorts of things.
32/33/34) learn to knit, crochet and weave cloth on a floor loom.
35) earn enough money to hire someone to clean my house for me.
36) learn how to network at social events.
37/38) learn to make kung-pao chicken and clam chowder.
39/40) read José Saramago and Peter Høeg in the original.
41) see Citizen Kane.
42) have more patience with people.
43) appreciate how many things that I wanted to do could not be included here because I've already done them.

Oh, and fourlegged...tag, you're it!

5 kommentarer:

Chibithulhu sagde ...

Chibithulhu remembers being much larger and less cute, yes. An overabundance of humorous fan works and cute merchandise can do scary things to a Great Old One. But he is still dangerous, still a threat to mankind. He'll just have to start at their feet and work his way up.

Daphnewood sagde ...

that is a very cool list Kim! I knew you would have interesting topics. You are such the world traveler and I liked 4/5/6! If you ever get #37 done please invite me over. I LOVE Kun Pao chicken. I meant to tell you last time (HNT), nice feet :-)

kimananda sagde ...

chibithulhu - thanks for the visit. I considered putting reading all of Lovecraft's works on my list...but realized that I've already done that.

daphnewood - as soon as I master the chicken, consider yourself invited!

Chibithulhu sagde ...

Chibithulhu has read all of H.P. Lovecraft's work as well. He finds them very uplifting.

FourLegged sagde ...

Eeep! I've been tagged.

I'll do my best to live up to your high quality list.