torsdag, august 25, 2005

HNT on the California Coast

Last week I was without internet access on Thursday, but the result is that this week's HNT offering can have a nature/road trip theme. Here we are dipping our feet in a creek somewhere outside of Mendocino. The accompanying dialogue to this photo was something like the following...

Me) Hey, come over here so that I can get a picture of our feet.
Him) No. You're not interested in our feet. You just want to get a picture for half-nekkid Thursday.

And of course, that was exactly why I wanted the photo. So yes, it's official. I am an half-nekkid junkie.

5 kommentarer:

BTExpress sagde ...

And damn fine toes they are too. Happy HNT.

lecram sinun sagde ...

Those feet are telling me something- "smile, idiot... smile!"

Happy HNT!

Osbasso sagde ...

And there's nothing wrong with being addicted to HNT! Welcome back to the fold!

Opaco sagde ...

cute toes. ok, yours and his. there i said it. but it doesn't make me gay!


happy HNT.

addict sagde ...

Nice and refreshing!