søndag, marts 26, 2006

32 happy birthday wishes

I dag er det Thors fødselsdag
hurra hurra hurra.
Han sikkert sig en gave får
som han har ønsket sig i år,
med dejlig chokolade og kage til.

(Today is Thor's birthday,
hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.
He'll certainly get a gift
that he's wanted for a year,
along with lovely chocolate and cake.)

*play-doh cake, courtesy http://www.cookiepots.com/. Lack of actual singing courtesy of me!

21 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

Happy birthday Thor! :) Have a great day!
That's the yummiest cake you can find in google he he!

Helen sagde ...

Happy Birthday Thor! I quite impressed myself by reading the Danish message without the translation - its fairly similar to Swedish written down - its just understanding it when its spoken!! Helen

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Herzlichen Glückwunsch an Thor :D

(mand, jeg elsker sprog XD
Husk: Assignment for the workshop!)

Maddy sagde ...

Happy birthday Thor!
A friend of Kim's is a friend
of mine!


al-Ferengi sagde ...

Oh, and did you know:

You can say "Husk at skrive the assignment"
And then you can take the husk at and turn it into a hus-kat (indoor cat xD)

Also, one can leave a besked on your answering machine, or he can leave a besk ed (a caustic swearing) on it.
He could also feel catty and leave a caustic cat on your answering machine.

Boy, that would really sting o.0

And now al-Ass What will go off the Internet and lay off the coffee ;)
Have a nice weekend and such and my kindest regards to Thor and your bike :)

HanktheDog sagde ...

Happy Birthday to Thor! I hope you both have a great day!

FourLegged sagde ...

Hippo birdy two ewe.
Hippo birdy two ewe.
Hippo birdy deer Thor.
Hippo birdy two ewe!

Connie and Rob sagde ...

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Thor! Make sure your cake is real before you bite into it.

Take care,

True Blue Guy sagde ...

Happy Birthday Thor !!!!!!!!!!!! - Any friend worthy of being your friend has to be a nice person !!!


Chloe sagde ...

Happy birthday Thor!
Enjoy your day with Kimananda. xxx

kimananda sagde ...

Thor thanks you all...he actually of his own accord came to look at what you all had to say as I was reading him some of your nice words yesterday evening...as he normally has no interest in anything blogging, this is saying quite a lot!

Ms. Mood, I did feel like I was stealing your photo as I put it in the post, but my defense is that you're right...I couldn't find anything else that looked anywhere near as good!

Helen, I feel the same way about Swedish. :-)

The blogger formerly known as Ms. Black Scorpio, the assignment...I haven't forgotten, but I also haven't done it yet! And language is fun!

Maddy, :-)

Hank, :-)

Fourlegged, :-)

Connie, good point...I managed to warn Thor in advance on that one! ;-)

Blue, :-)

Chloe, :-)

marybishop sagde ...

Happy Birthday X 32!
May this year be kind to you.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Of course, I understand. That was by far the loveliest cake. I hope you had a nice party :)

Daphnewood sagde ...

Happy Birthday Thor (a little late sorry)

So what is this gift? Did I miss it somewhere? I am curious to what Thor could have wanted for over a year :)

kimananda sagde ...

Mary, Thor says thank you!

Ms. Mood, I'm so relieved! ;-)

Daphnewood, that is a very good question. Actually, I supposedly got a present for my last birthday that I'd wanted for a year, or at least that what they sang to me...and I am still waiting to see what that gift might be! ;-)

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Heh, my name was never "Black Scorpio" in the comment name field, I was a Kuschelblacki =o) But I'm always the Black Scorpio. Not any black scorpio, -the- Black Scorpio ;)))

On the paper: nevermind, if everybody did so much as you did on class, we would have the most industrious class on the entire programme ;)

Simple American sagde ...

That was a cute cake. Playdoh? Maybe better not eat, heh.

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Sorry for spamming like nobodies tomorrow, but here may be an interesting article:

On euphemisms and their use during war times, the sentence "Looking at it from a linguistic angle, euphemisms are actually little windows into our minds and hearts; peep holes into our culture." caught my eye and made me think of you :-)

kimananda sagde ...

Alaswad, spam away...or e-mail...or sms...or phone. I don't mind. ;-) And thank you for the article, and also for the kind words that make me sound like a good student. The amount of time I've spent this past month not studying...I'm embarassed just thinking about it!

Mr. American, I wouldn't eat it. Although, there must be some children out there who eat play-doh. If I was one of those children, then I've forgotten about it.

Morningdew sagde ...

Ah, I missed this entry! Give Thor a big belated bday hug from me, Kim!

kimananda sagde ...

Dew, consider it done! Thor says thanks for the hug.