lørdag, juni 17, 2006

5 Philosophical Choices

I asked Simple American to ask me some questions, and he came up with some good ones. And tough ones. I'm a bit scared of these questions to tell the truth. But I've done my best.

1. Your life ends suddenly. St. Peter greets you and realizes your demise was an error. To make up for it you are allowed to assume any life in the world. Who is your choice and explain why him or her?

But what about the person whose life I assume? Why would I want to take someone else's life just because of someone else's error? In fact, maybe that's why I ended up in this situation, though I can't imagine that someone would choose my life if given this choice. I could say I'd become someone who is truly evil and who has harmed many people, so that I could change their actions, but I don't know if it would work; I have the idea that much evil and cruelty is done by committee. Or I could become a sublimely talented working writer or photographer, but then the writing or photography would go with them. No, there's nothing for it, I'd just have to be myself again. If the powers that be could give me someone else's life, then they can give me my own back as well.

2. The mail comes and you recieve an envelope that allows you to take a round trip flight to anyplace in the world. Where do you go?

There are so many places that could be here. But the element of surprise is missing. So, I'd start by getting a good atlas. I'd look through the atlas, and make a numbered list of all the places I'd most like to go to. It would include Antarctica, various places in China, India, and Brazil, the Inca Trail, Mozambique, Tahiti, the Galapagos...and potentially many more. I'd focus on the far away places that I'm less likely to get to. Then I'd put numbers in a hat, and draw one. The place listed with that number is where I'd go.

3. You are given a remote control like Adam Sandler in "Click". This lets you go anywhere in your past and future and change one thing. You have one use of the device. How do you use it?

Now I've seen how this works in films, and it isn't pretty. So, I honestly don't think I'd use it. I like where my life has gone, and I presume that I'll feel this way also in the future. But if I must, purely for the sake of argument...I really can't think of anything. Maybe I'd go back to when I was a teenager, but just to see what I was like, not to change anything. It's like looking at old journals...I feel very indulgent of the young me.

4. Fate has decided you will be a heroine and that your efforts can save millions of lives. You are allowed to take along one person to guard your back. Who do you choose? You may select fictional heroes from literature, mythology, and film as well as historical persons.

Well, this depends on how I will be saving these lives. I can't see myself in an action hero mode, so I must be saving them through ingenuity and creativity, with a smidgeon of chutzpah. However, I would like someone who is more scientific and more able to deal with complicated mechanical problems. I'd therefore chose Richard Feynman. I suspect I'd find him annoying, and in between solving problems, I'd have to keep him from chasing all the enemy women, and alerting the opposition to our presence by loud bongo playing...but he could pick the locks, and provide a focused approach allowing us to find deceptively easy solutions to difficult problems.

5. There is a path you can find and it forks three ways. One way leads to never ending love with the perfect person for you. The next leads to a cure for cancer. The last path provides a means to end starvation. The earth starts to shake and you realize that you can only take one path. You must take a path or you will die here. The reality sets in that these paths will never be found in your life time. Which path do you choose?

Well, I would certainly not go for neverending love. I have learned and grown from all the ending loves that I have had, and am happy for the love that I currently have. When I consider the other choices, I find myself becoming very, very over-rational. I find myself thinking that the problem with both of these is that the solution would lead to a worsening of other problems brought about by over-population. So, why choose either? But that's just cynical. So, I'd chose the path to end starvation...which could be through dealing with population issues. If it's solely about addressing inequality in distribution of resources, I'm fine with that, too.

O.K., if you'd like to join in and get your own philosophical questions, here are the rules...

The Official Interview Game Rules (copied to be passed on)

1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

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jackt sagde ...

These are very interesting questions. Your answer to the first one is very refreshing- I would have just approached it from a very self-centered perspective. And the travel one- you MUST have one place that you've always wanted to visit, no?!?!

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

Sorry to tired to read all that, but I at least want to say HI! So
H there!

oh and my word verification is
TIZZA maybe that's pizza with a twist???

Maddy sagde ...

Fabulous post!
I loved your answers.
I would love to go back to
the teenaged me as well, just
to hug myself and say
"hey - you turn out pretty cool
don't fret" and read all the
journals I burned...yes burned

and my favorite was when you
declined neverending love
as the endings taught you so
much about love...
beautiful Kim!


Etchen sagde ...

I think this is the best meme I have ever read! I thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers.

Morose sagde ...

interview me! also, i am stealing these questions for an entry of my own.

Simple American sagde ...

Excellent Kimananda. You answered these beautifully. I particularly like your answer to number 1 the most. How could God not return you to life with that logic. Thanks for answering them.

I think it is only fair that I give you the same option to ask me five questions if you desire.

kimananda sagde ...

Jackt, thanks! And, no, there are lots of places I would like to go, but not one over all the others. It was the same when I was first planning to move away from the states. People would ask, 'where do you want to go', and they really wouldn't get that I didn't have any definite idea of where I wanted to go, but just that I wanted to go somewhere. It was good because I ended up in a place (Portugal) that I didn't know enough about to have chosen it specifically, but that has turned out to have been a really wonderful place in my life.

Day, hi to you, too! :-)

Maddy, thanks! I haven't ever burned any journals, but I'm sure I've lost many of them. As for visiting me as a teenager, I wonder what my teenage self would think of me as a 30-something?

Etchen, thanks! :-)

Morose, I'll be thinking of some good questions for you as soon as I can (I have an exam Tuesday, so probably after that).

Mr. American, I'm glad you liked them, and I'll take some time to think of some for you in return. :-)

Marion sagde ...

Very wisely answered - very impressed.
I'd love to go to Antarctica, too.

kimananda sagde ...

Marion, when can you leave? I'm ready when you are...though we should probably pack some sweaters first, as it is winter down there.

Greg Mills sagde ...

Enjoyed the post, enjoyed the questions, enjoyed the answers, my god, I am resplendent in enjoyment!

Set me up, hausenpfeffer! Gimme my five!

Leslie sagde ...

Ooooo I would love to answer the questions you did. (Btw, I'd pick MacGuyver as my bodyguard.)

But interview me anyway!

Sangroncito sagde ...

Interesting answers! I'm glad Brazil is on your "places to visit" list.
Love the photo you posted here, by the way.

Fitèna sagde ...

This is beautiful one of the most "intellectual" meme's i've read.
You're first answer made me giggle. not waht you say but what it reminded me of.
The Mauritian contestants for Miss mauritius were asked: "What would you do with the money if you win a million roupi at the loterry". Answers of one contestant: i'll buy a chateau, pearls and a car. And an appartment for my mother." The last part was a after thought.
K, know what interview me!


Christian sagde ...

Now that I've found your blog...INTERVIEW ME! This will be my rite of passage into your world.

Attila The Mom sagde ...

Very interesting questions AND answers!

Thanks for posting it!

erin sagde ...

Nice job on the answers there. This looks like the perfect thing for me to do at work so yes, interview me too. :)

kimananda sagde ...

To all who've asked for questions, I'm working on them slowly, and trying for a mix of more general philosophical questions, and questions about things I'm interested in knowing about you in particular. I expect to have them for you sometime this weekend. I'll e-mail you, or if I can't find your e-mail then I'll post them as a comment on your blog.

Greg, indeed you look resplendent! I'll get you some equally resplendant questions very soon.

Leslie, MacGuyver would have been a good choice...actually, I see Richard Feynman as a sort of real-life MacGuyver. I'll mail you some questions as soon as I can.

Sangroncito, I'm glad you like the photo...it's Rosenborg palace, right in the middle of Copenhagen. And I never thought much about Brazil, until I lived in Portugal. There's so much Brazilian influence in modern Portuguese culture, it got me quite curious.

Fitena, beauty contest entrants always have funny answers to questions. :-) I'll try to come up with better questions for you this weekend.

Christian, welcome and I'll see what I can come up for you...I may need to read a bit more in your archives first to get to know you a bit better first... :-)

Atilla the Mom, thanks!

Erin, thanks...I'll try to come up with work-friendly questions for you then. :-)

kimananda sagde ...

To anyone looking for their questions, I've e-mailed you...e-mail me if you can't find them.

To anyone looking to see the questions, go visit everyone who asked for questions...they are very creative, so the answers will be good even where the questions are not.

socialpest sagde ...

Hey that was interesting. Okay, I know I'm late in commenting but I think i might want to be interviewed.

kimananda sagde ...

It's never too late...I'll work up some interesting questions for you this weekend, and then let's hope I have access to the internet to mail them to you! (I'll be in Lisbon for the month, and I have no idea how access will be...I'll be looking for a cafe with wireless that I can frequent....)