søndag, juni 18, 2006

Happy Dad's Day!

Well, I would have sent my Dad to the seaside, like I did with my Mom for Mom's Day...but he wanted to see the World Cup first. This is him during yesterday's amazing US-Italy red-card fest game.

Click here to South Park your Dad!

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jackt sagde ...

OK that officiating was ridiculous. Where can I get glasses like your dad's, with the rims being slanted together like that?! :)

Devil Mood sagde ...

Your Dad looks cool! I hope he enjoys the games :)

Maddy sagde ...

Is your cute Dad drinking
beer? He looks unsettled!

Happy Father's Day to your

kimananda sagde ...

Jackt, the officiating is always ridiculous...that's part of the fun. As for the glasses, the first step is to have no space between your eyes. Or just get a pair at the site I've linked on the post. ;-)

Ms. Mood, I wonder if he's actually watching them. I should e-mail and ask him...he does watch a lot of sports, but the Cup is not very big there.

Maddy, I believe this was right after the second red card for the American team. So, he is, in fact, very unsettled!

Simple American sagde ...

Hope your Dad had a great day. Soccer huh?

Looking forward to watch Stanley Cup tonight. Final game in best of seven!

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

What a hip Pop!

Etchen sagde ...

How cool! Hope he had a great Father's day!

HAIRYBEARS sagde ...


Fitèna sagde ...

Your Dady and I would get along fine. I think of myself as a cartoon character. :-)

Love the cartoon, really!

Wish him a belated D-Day!


Jack P Toerson sagde ...

I managed to forget Fathers day, just like I forgot Mothers day. I think they prefer it that way, they get a random present up to two weeks after the fact. Which given I have siblings, means they get an extra unofficial day with a present.

At least that's how I justify it anyway... ;-)

Nabeel sagde ...

US is not doing good .. dangg .. but hurray for Brazil and Germany .. two very strong teams .. i think they will face in the finals ..

Did u catch the Brazil and Japan game? man it was awesomeee .. so many tries for the goal in the early half and then japan scored a goal .. and they were leading 1-0 .. but then brazil scored 4 .. dangggg ..

so the final score was 1-4 .. brazil one :)

Poetry by Kai sagde ...

i really like ur blog...
it's cool...

kimananda sagde ...

Mr. American, my Dad was more likely watching the hockey in fact...but I saw the soccer ball as an accessory, and I couldn't resist.

Day, he is, actually!

Etchen, I hope so too...I neeed to learn to communicate other than by blog, and then I'd find out. ;-)

Hairybears, thanks, and welcome!

Fitena, cartoon character? That's cool!

Jack, your parents are lucky...these blog entries are my presents, and this is perhaps the first time in years that I've remembered the holidays at all.

There is a friend of our family who was famous for giving gifts ridiculously late...Christmas presents in March, our birthday presents (both my brother and I have August birthdays) in November...and it was the greatest. Totally unexpected presents. It's a good strategy, I think.

Nabeel, I didn't see the Brazil Japan, but I wish I had...an upset would have been amazing. As for the US, I always root against them, so I wasn't at all upset about that one. Evil, I know. But I can't help it, it's really how I feel about the US team. I'm rooting for Portugal (my team!), but also Spain, and I think they have a much better chance of getting to the finals.

Kai, welcome and thanks! I'll try to be by to visit yours soon.