onsdag, juli 05, 2006

A minha vida, a week in review

This is purely an informational post on my first few days back in Lisbon...if you are not really interested in the minutiae of my daily life, I'd suggest moving on now.

Bad news, language: I had hoped that my Portuguese would come flooding back, drowning me in a sea of luso-ness. This has not been the case. However, I am constantly hearing, or spontaneously using, words or phrases that I suddenly recognize as old friends returned. Then I can dwell on them, turn them over in my mind, savor them. For example, the word 'pá'. Yes, I'd lost my 'pá', pá. I would never before have thought that possible, pá. Now if only I could come up with an acceptable and short definition of 'pá'. But I can't, sorry.

Good news, language: I feared that my Portuguese would be gone forever. This has not been the case, either. I've even had a couple opportunities to use Danish and then Portuguese, and could almost switch on command.

Bad news, food: the tosta mista (grilled ham and cheese sandwich) has fallen greatly in my esteem. I like it still, but not like my memory of it. And that alheira (a type of sausage) was really good, but I fear permanent arterial damage may have been done. And I seem to have forgotten the names of all my pastries, and have to order them by pointing.

Good news, food: The first time I ever ordered a meal in Portugal and it arrived accompanied by both rice and french fries, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I still love my complex carbs, and still think that. The canja da galinha (chicken noodle soup, only different, and better) is still a delight. And Cerelac (yes, it's porridge for babies...but I long ago learned to love it just like all the Portuguese adults seem to) is everything I had hoped it would be and more. Though I used to buy that for myself in London, too, so I knew it would be.

Bad news, blogging: I haven't taken the time to get a cable so as to hook my computer up to the university internet, which means that you won't yet be able to see any of my photographs of Lisbon.

Good news, blogging: You won't have to see any of my photographs of Lisbon in this post. But soon, my lovelies, very soon (insert rubbing of hands and maniacal laughter here).

18 kommentarer:

Leslie sagde ...

My my, I have missed a lot!

Look at all that scrumptious food! It's rare I look at a dish and don't know what it is composed of. But you have thwarted my culinary experience. I must get thee to Lisbon!

And do I see a picture of YOU down below? You must post more of those! I do so enjoy pictures of the author.

Simple American sagde ...

Sounds like a lovely time. I always wonder what it will be like for me should I return to Germany. Want some wurst. German pizzas too.

Look forward to seeing the pics you post. :)

El Güero sagde ...

Your Portuguese will come flooding back. It's still there, waiting to be unleashed with each new day.
Looking forward to the photos!
(This is Sangroncito, by the way, who has a new blog and has been transformed into...El Güero!)

Greg Mills sagde ...

I have posted the answer to your questions, and I have a saudade for you to read it.

Fado out with your bad self.

(That is the extent of my Portuguese.)

Devil Mood sagde ...

ehehhe That was fun, pá! :)
You know, my mum keeps her Cerelac around too, she loves it. I'm more of a Nestum fan, at least I was, when I was little.
Enjoy your stay, despite the game tonight ;(

True Blue Guy sagde ...

You sure are having a good time. It must be so much fun visiting different cultures. People, traditions, places, food, drink , religious belief - I love learning a new culture

PS : I hope all the portugese comes back soon ;-)


Helen sagde ...

Sounds like you're having a great time! All that talk of food has made me very hungry though! Helen

treespotter sagde ...

this blog makes me very hungry. there's nothing sexier than food you can't pronounce.


(maniacal winks)

Daphnewood sagde ...

food is a big part of travel, isn't it? How do the shores look? How about the summer attire and bronzed bodies? Gosh I wish I was with you!

KimsMom sagde ...

Have fun, honey, but don't forget to eat your vegetables too!

Marion sagde ...

Are we supposed to be rivals now till the Saturday match is over ;-)? Ah, those French... and those Italians... Anyway, have a great time!! :-)

Connie and Rob sagde ...

The food sounds good to me and I am sure you will catch on to those pastries very soon. Those are a must learn.

I can't wait till you are able to post pictures.

Take care,

Chloe sagde ...

fries and rice? really?
i am coming Lisbon!
we also want to see pics of pastries please xx

James Medhurst sagde ...

I'm glad you are having a good time. I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

kimananda sagde ...

Leslie, Portuguese food is fabulous. I highly recommend it. As for the photo of me, enjoy it to the fullest, cause it doesn't happen that often!

Mr. American, yep, it's a very lovely time. It's always lovely to eat. And what makes German pizzas different?

El G, benvindo de novo! I'll be commenting on your new site and linking it as soon as I have the time! :-)

Greg, mas tu falas portuguêse tão bem! ;-)

Ms. Mood, coitadinho de portugal. E vou ter de provar Nestum...eu decidi comprar ontém, mas decidi tirar fotos do pão Bimbo, e esqueci de o comprar!

Blue, I love visiting different cultures, but here it's even cooler...visiting a culture I know fairly well, but after some time away. The distance makes even the familiar new again.

Helen, hungry? Good, then my work here is done. :-)

Treespotter, I totally agree!

Daphnewood, I must confess, I don't much like the beach...I find it boring. The city is still as ravishing as ever. And the food is as good as ever.

Mom, vega...vega-what? I'll have to look for them next time I'm out!

Marion, congratulations! Now the madness is over, and we can go back to fighting over other matters! ;-)

Connie, I'm re-learning all my pastries slowly, one at a time. And you can't really remember a pastry name without eating one. It's difficult, but I'm determined!

Chloe, photos of pastries...good idea!

James, thanks! More photos are on their way....

Simple American sagde ...

The cheese is so much better than American cheese.

sophie sagde ...

Kim - it's me!

kimananda sagde ...

Mr. American, yes the cheese...I know what you mean. Though I do sometimes miss a good Monterey Jack when I haven't had it in a while.

Sophie, yes, it is you! :-) I'll be visiting and linking the new you as soon as I can deal with the slower than mud connection I have here at the university.