mandag, juli 10, 2006

Lisboa: Cow Town

A veritable stampede, and right in the middle of Praça dos Restauradores!

A distant relative of Portugal defender Ricardo Cowvalho.

Some Portuguese cowlture: A traditional green and black taxi.

A cowpyrighted cow outside of Cowmpo Pequeno.

Cowmpo Pequeno, home of Lisboetan bullfighting, and of the cowpyrighted cow.

Portuguese epic poet Luís Vaz de Cowmões.

More Portugese cowlture: Portugese tiles with egg on top. Portuguese food is often topped with a fried egg. Well, the meat dishes at least.

I have been told that this cow looks just like Christopher Cowlumbus.

A cow of the world, located inside Cowlombo shopping center.

A view of Cowlombo.

A statue of Armenian industrialist Cowlouste Gulbenkian, located on the grounds of the Fundação Cowlouste Gulbenkian. Not a cow in sight, but just too good a pun to pass up.

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treespotter sagde ...

God!!! The cows were in the UK some years back and i been looking all over if anybody got good pictures of them cows!!!!

goodness gracious god! you are holy!


*giggling away*

i love them cows.

treespotter sagde ...

does anybody know how to search for a good picture collection of these cows?

god, this will start another one of my mad quests...

Helen sagde ...

Love the fried egg cow! We saw the cow exhibition when we were in Stckholm a few summers ago - its a genius idea! Helen

kimananda sagde ...

Treespotter, I have seen photos of the cows before, but this is my first time seeing them in person. I'm sure there must be an official site for them on the can see the cows in Athens somewhere on Chloe's blog (

Helen, the fried egg one is one of my favorites! It is a great idea...especially because they're done by local artists, so there is a lot of local culture there.

Daphnewood sagde ...

I love the cow parade! My daughter got to paint one along with her class that was sold to a hospital in Houston. I never even got to see it, only a picture :(

I like your pictures. Are there any more? I feel in a very visual mood today

Tiffany sagde ...

Those painted cows remind me of the painted moose in Toronto.

treespotter sagde ...

please let me know when you find out?


Devil Mood sagde ...

lol that was funny! I like the Cow of the world eheheh
I guess it must be really hot today over there. It's hot over here too but we escaped the heat-wave, I think - thank God :)

handsomeloser sagde ...

These cows travel, then. By chance I encountered a blog talking about the very same cows just the other day.

Simple American sagde ...

What a 'mooving' photographic exposition. And I thought we only had those cows here in Houston. haha

El Güero sagde ...

I love these! And Lisboa is a beautiful city.
I see you are having a moooo-valous time!

B sagde ...

Pray pardon, Lady Kimananda.

But does this post have something to do with cows? *scratches head*

Seriously, these are some very nice scupltures. Thank you for sharing.

Scholiast sagde ...

I went to the Gulbenkian museum when I was in Lisbon!
- And now there are cows over here too... Such a small world :)

socialpest sagde ...

Haha thats so cute! Wish I had money to travel. Bah.

Connie and Rob sagde ...

I love the cow parade!! I have never seen it in person. A few people in my family have given the figurines to me as a gift. I think they are a hoot!

Christopher Cowlumbus has a lot of character.

Take care,

Fitèna sagde ...

lol! This is hilarious Kim!!!

This is the kind of stuff which makes me wish i could just pick a bag an travel all over the world!



DBA Lehane sagde ...

I'm guessing that none of the other cows were distant relatives of Ronaldo...after all, they all seemed to be on their feet still! ;) still bitter?! Never! :D

Marion sagde ...

I like puns, I like art, I like cows - needless to say I loved this post. I happened to see the CowParade twice the same year, first in Prague and then a couple of weeks later in Manchester. What's "moo" in Portuguese and in Danish?

Chloe sagde ...

Cowlumbus is my favourite! Are you having fun? yes you are.

Brookelina sagde ...

Hey stranger!

True Blue Guy sagde ...

:-D !! Funny !

Etchen sagde ...

Those pics are hysterical! Holy Cow!

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

one of our towns did a sheep version... FUN!

Meow sagde ...

I saw the cows in Chloe's blog a while back. They are amazing. Are they the same cows ?? Do they travel between cities and countries ??
I hope you are having a great week.
Take care, Meow

Anonym sagde ...

Neat! We do sort of the same thing here with 200 or so huge fibreglass bears. Each one is decorated by a different artist and they're in the middle of parks and sidewalks all over the place. :)

Maddy sagde ...

We have bears all over our
city - my favorite is the
Star WArs Bear.

Now oddly these are "Spirit
Bears" with a nod to
Native American Indian

and they have travelled FAR
from the original inspiration!

Anonym sagde ...

Ok...(ko hihi) nu har jeg læst din du så glad :-)?
Jeg savner dig rigtig meget - ring hjem når du har mulighed for det.

En ko der kan glo er go' kan du tro.

For non-danish speakers: this is pure nonsense.

kimananda sagde ...

Daphnewood, I have more cows...shall I e-mail them to you? It's a really cool exhibition...they're spread out all over the city, so you never know when you'll see them.

Tiffany, painted moose? Now, that sounds cool!

Treespotter, I haven't had time to look...but I'll just be googling 'cow parade'. There must be an official site.

Ms. Mood, heat wave...ugh! I'll be in Porto (I'm pretty sure) the weekend after next, and I hope it's cooler there!

Handsome Loser, welcome...and I believe the cows do travel. I'm more than ready to see them in other's very cool.

Mr. American, 'mooving' indeed! :-)

El G., Lisboa is beautiful, and I'm so glad to be back for long enough to feel I'm reclaiming it as my own, as it was when I lived here before. I'm a bit worried about going back to Copenhagen though...I'm expecting to have serious saudades.

Bryan, :-). Thanks!

Scholiast, cows in Oslo, too? I have to go there, then. I liked Oslo, for the 7 hours that I was there.

SocialPest, you'll find the means to travel. I'm sure of it.

Connie, I'd considered buying cows before, for myself and others...which makes seeing them in person even cooler.

Fitena, yes, travel. Come to Denmark, and I'll take you to lunch!

Fly, welcome back...and I hope you've recovered from your football problems. ;-) As a Portugal supporter with a connection to England (having lived there, and my closest football friends being English and England supporters), I felt a bit torn, I must say.

Marion, isn't 'moo' one of those universals? Actually, I want to say it's the same sound, more or less...but I wouldn't want to place bets on the spelling, especially in Danish.

Chloe, yes, I am having lots of fun...and if I had more readily available internet access, I could share that fun with you! And, I've been told that I have a package at home from Athens...I am looking forward to opening it when I get back! :-)

Brooke, hiya stranger...I'll be by to visit when I have the chance...but that might not be for a while.

Blue, thanks! :-)

Etchen, holy cow, yes, that's it! :-)

Day, a sheep version...what a wonderful opportunity for more baaad puns!

Meow, it's the same exhibition, but a the cows are done by local artists...after the exhibition, they are auctioned off, I believe, with proceeds going to charity. It's a cool idea.

Anonymous, I'd love to see the bears. Just think, bear puns. Beary interesting! ;-)

Maddy, I'd love to see these bears...are they there all the time, or just for a short period?

'Anonymous', en ko-mentar... ;-)! Jeg er faktisk rigtig glad. Og jeg osgå savner dig rigtig meget. Vi ses om lidt!

Nabeel sagde ...

the cowpyright was the best one .. awesome to see so many cow designs .. how did this cow design start by the way ?

kimananda sagde ...

I don't know how it started (though I believe that there's an official website which probably explains it). But they are, I am quite keen to travel to more cow parade places.

Siri sagde ...

lot of cow pow here....
Moo in next ;)