søndag, august 27, 2006

My boyfriend the rock star

Actually, I'm also a rock star. Apparently, my Chinese stage name is Hello. I must be very popular in China as people, total strangers, call to me on the street there. They wave and look very happy to see me. However, my rock stardom is nothing compared to that of my tall, blond, bearded boyfriend, coincidentally also named Hello. He is a Chinese rock superstar.

Yes, people wave to him on the street. Yes, they call out 'Hello, hello!' They also ask to get their photographs taken with him. Sometimes they want a photo of themselves shaking his hand. Those who are too shy to speak to him directly will sometimes take his photo anyway. He's also been videotaped, for example at the summit of Emei Shan, because everyone knows that there is nothing to video way up there otherwise. On rare occasions, he'll have someone follow him around for a while, presumably to bask in the glow of his fame.

I'm not quite sure what kind of music my boyfriend Hello does, but it seems to appeal especially to tiny old toothless women, who will often come over to have a nice little chat with him. They find it especially amusing when he replies, which makes sense as he says really funny things, like 'I'm sorry, I don't speak Chinese'. His music also appeals to young girls, by which I mean under the age of 5. One little girl, walking on top of a small ledge, hand in hand with her father, was so excited to see the great Hello and so involved in calling out 'Hello, Hello' and waving, that she lost her balance and fell. We believe she emerged unscathed.

Because my boyfriend is a rock star, my penchant for always trying to take his photo makes me a papparazzi. As Hello tends to comandeer my camera, this is not an easy task. However, I was able to use the occasion of being on the top of the not-yet-completed Three Gorges Dam to get him to pose for a photo anyway.

More photos will be arriving shortly, not of Hello as he is good at evading my lens, if not all of the other lenses which were pointed at him on our trip; but of Southwest China, which, if it isn't also a rock star, deserves to be one.

11 kommentarer:

al-Ferengi sagde ...

So Hello Kitty does not work anymore?
Hallo Rockstar ;D

Devil Mood sagde ...

I'm sure you'll both feature on the next edition of Hello magazine :)
That's very funny and it reminded me of Steve, that is also a rock star in Korea :)
You're boyfriend looks like a very kind person in that picture, I'd want to shake his hand as well! hehhe

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Black Scorpio...hmmm...he does look a bit like Hello Kitty, now that you mention it. He might be an even bigger star than I at first thought. :-o

Ms. Mood, Hello magazine should be the perfect publicity spot! :-) And Hello does have his kind moments in real life. He's a typical relaxed Dane though, so it isn't the most natural thing for him to shake hands with people, as far as I know.

Chloe sagde ...

i think people mistake him for Chris Martin (and you get to be Gwyneth).xx

Simple American sagde ...

That is so funny. My name is Hello too. hahaha

Will post it in my Korean tales one day.

sophie sagde ...

He is so good natured looking!
What a cute couple - you are
a sweetie as well Kim.


Helen sagde ...

I was the famous Hello rockstar in Gambia where all the children stroked my blond hair - maybe we can form a popgroup?!!

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

I really enjoyed this post!

Siri sagde ...

That would make me the "Bitte" rockstar coz thats what I get everywhere I go in Deutschland :)
Nice guy nice pic...
Wonder how you would pronounce Kimananda..."ky"mananda as in Kylie or "kee"mananda as in keys :)

Scholiast sagde ...

Glad you managed to get him back home with you, and not left alone along 1 billion groupies...

kimananda sagde ...

Chloe, hmmm...I hadn't thought of Thor as Chris Martin, but I could kinda see it. I'm way too short and non-blonde to be Gwyneth, so I'll have fun being the evil tart carrying on with Gwyneth's husband. That sounds like fun! ;-)

Mr. American, I look forward to reading about your Hello adventures. Maybe you could join our rock group?

Sophie, he is pretty good-natured actually. In a hyperactive kind of way. Thanks!

Helen, we're thinking the group should of course be called 'the Hellos'. What do you think?

Day, thanks!

Siri, you could be in our group, too! And, my name is Kim (well, Kimberly, actually, but no one calls me that), so it's pronounced just like it sounds!

Scholiast, hmmm...he might have liked that...he complained, but he clearly was into the attention.