fredag, august 25, 2006

When the mist clears, I may post photos

But as it is now, I'm just trying to get back into the non-holiday life, including blogging. And it's not easy - it's amazing what 2 weeks of almost no internet access will do to one's addictions routines. I will perservere regardless, and I will succeed, perhaps even soon. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend.

*photo: Big golden multifaced misty Buddha at the summit (almost) of Emei Shan*

12 kommentarer:

al-Ferengi sagde ...

Hippety-hop, the Swami Kimananda is back XD

Devil Mood sagde ...

I know what you mean and it's great when we feel free of something that you usually think you can't live without. Enjoy it before it gets back to you. Have a great weekend!

Chloe sagde ...

take it easy at first, THEN post photos. xx

Daphnewood sagde ...

yay! she lives! have a great weekend yourself. I'll check in with you monday

True Blue Guy sagde ...

Wow, i hate weather like that - only want to read a book with a hot tea and sleep :)

missed ya :)

Greg Mills sagde ...

Keep it real, my Latina sista. Welcome back.

DBA Lehane sagde ...

Welcome back...and what's wrong with people...mist can be lovely in the right mood!

erin sagde ...

Glad you're back. :)

sophie sagde ...

have tea, eat cake and post

cute misty budha.

Kunstemaecker sagde ...

I was internet clean for two months but I picked up the habit again.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Black Scorpio, :-) Yep, I'm sort of back. Though still very, very tired.

Ms. Mood, thanks, my weekend was very cool. And it's been interesting to see life without blogging, or rather without worrying about blogging, as I don't blog so often normally. I hope your weekend was great, too!

Chloe, good advice, which I am taking. :-)

Daphne, see you then!

Blue, actually the weather at the summit of Emei Shan was really nice. The weather further downhill was far too hot and humid for climbing. And I just saw that you've posted something too...I'll be by to actually read it very soon!

Greg, thanks my Euro-mix bruthah.

DBA, mist is wonderful in any mood. The weather that accompanies mist in Asia is somewhat of another story. I'll be by to visit you soon. :-)

Erin, thanks! :-)

Sophie, tea and cake sound great...probably tomorrow will be cake day. I'll also be posting photos soon, basically as soon as I take the time to pick out the best ones.

Kunstemæcker, 'internet clean', I like that wording. I still feel relatively clean, but I know I'll pick up the habit again very soon.

Meow sagde ...

Welcome back. It certainly takes time to get back to reality and routine. Take your time.
Take care, Meow