søndag, oktober 22, 2006

Does this mean I need to give back my crown?

Well, it's almost that time of the school term, to start the long procrastination process towards the last project paper before my thesis in the Spring. It will be great, filled with post after post of angst and off-putting. I know you all have been eagerly looking forward. And it will all begin as soon as...oops, wait, I almost forgot. I'm done with my paper.

It's not my fault. I had a week of almost no work (this past week has been the Danish autumn holiday week/reading week, so I had no classes as a student, and all but one of my classes as a teacher were cancelled) and a fairly solid idea for a topic, I made a plan...and actually stuck with it and finished the whole thing. Well, I have a couple theoretical points that I'd like to add, a book or two and maybe some articles that I'd still like to read and incorporate, but really, if I had to, I could print it out and turn it in right now. From nothing but an idea to a fully formed 7,000 words plus appendix of data in 8 days. Like an academic Ferrari. O.K, maybe an academic Porsche. Just to give an idea of the magnitude of this achievement, the official due date is the 4th of January. I am planning to turn it in by the 8th of December before my Christmas trip. I should have the editing done by the end of the month.

I'm convincing myself to be proud - I'm not good at feeling proud...it's that perfectionist perennial feeling that I could have done more getting in the way - but I'm a bit nervous for my status as patron goddess of procrastination. Can I get things done in an orderly way, in advance or even well in advance, and still retain my title? More importantly, will everyone around me be dreadfully disappointed in this small disruption of the cosmic order?

When I finish the reveling (which should last until I go back to working all the time, which happens tomorrow), I'll write about the paper itself. Be prepared to snooze at the computer screen.

*obligatory China photo, and my sincerest wish, taken in a small auditorium along the banks of the Yangtze*

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al-Ferengi sagde ...

I'm just saying: Holy Cow O.O

Ameera sagde ...

-mouth wide open-

I shall take over as the Queen of Procrastination if you may let me. I had 3 weeks to complete a 3000-word essay and I've only just started writing (researching was done erm, the night before) and its due in..... 5.5 hours.

(and yea, here i am reading your blog. okay 5 mins break over!)

socialpest sagde ...

okay sorry the previous comment was made by me.

Collective Heartburn sagde ...

Congratulations! If you feel anything less than absolute marvel with yourself and your level of efficiency, then feel free to do all of my papers, represent me in galleries and make all of my business decisions for me.

Kunstemæcker sagde ...

I saw these signs in Singapore too! Another one said it was forbidden to pee in the elevator.

wait. what?

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

Oh finally a title for the problem of not being able to be proud of one self. I do that also.

Devil Mood sagde ...

I demand the crown to be given to me...right now!! You DO NOT deserve it! You are brilliant - I'm so amazed and also...envious, sticking to a plan sounds like the most amazing thing ever!
Congratulations! If you're not, I am proud of you :)

erin sagde ...

That's awesome. I wish I could do that.

sophie sagde ...

I think that ferrari just zoomed
through my city trailing
brilliant words behind it:)

Jayleigh sagde ...


Greg Mills sagde ...

If you have parrots, KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THE PAPER. Just take my word for it, okay?

Scholiast sagde ...

That's incredible! (And I mean that in a nice way..) Congratulations :) And there's no need to give back the crown unless this kind of thing starts happening regularly...

HB sagde ...

Wow, I'm impressed! Nå har du all grunn til å være fornøyd, håper du gav deg selv en stor premie etterpå!:-)

Marion sagde ...

That's cool, you'll have more time for the sea monkeys then! Can't wait to read more about what it's on.

Rich Dunbeck sagde ...

Wow! Good for you! I wish I could crank out papers that quickly.

Chloe sagde ...

how did you do it? you are my hero!

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Black Scorpio, thank you my dear. I look forward to your feedback on it. :-)

Ameera, I would have known it was you. How did it go on your paper? I'm impressed by the amount you had to write...I was only writing around 1000 words a day (on average).

Mr. Heartburn, nope, I'm now pretty proud of myself. It was the slow-burning jealousy of my school mates, combined with the ambiant incredulous disbelief, which really brought home how cool it was to have finished so fast.

Kunstemæcker, that is a cool sign...do you have a photo of it, cause that I'd like to see.

Day, yep, it's a bad habit, too. We should all be proud of ourselves for what we do well (and we all do some things well.)

Ms. Mood, thank you! It sounds so easy, sticking to a plan, but it isn't really, is it?

Erin, thanks! I hope I can do it again, but I'm afraid it may have been a one-off burst of time management on my part.

Sophie, the red Ferrari? Going twice the speed limit? Yep, that was me! :-)

Jayleigh, thank you! :-)

Greg, don't worry...I've locked the parrot in the closet until the paper is turned in. Am sliding birdfeed and shallow bowls of water under the door periodically.

Scholiast, well, truth be told, I'd give back my crown if I could do this regularly. But given the time keeping that I have for the editing (and really, we're talking minor editing only), I think there's no danger of me losing my title.

HB, tak! The big prize will be when I sign up for the exam on the 15th of November, and then immediately turn in the finished assignment! I'm really looking forward to that.

Marion, well, you'll read about it soon enough...and I am very much looking forward to getting those sea monkeys (they're my Christmas present to myself).

Rich, thanks. Actually, I normally crank out papers that quickly, to be honest...it's just that I do it under deadline, where here I did it in advance.

Chloe, thank you! And I have no idea how I did it...or rather I know exactly how I did it (made a plan, followed it), but have no idea if I will ever be able to do it again!

Carmi sagde ...

Hi there. Dropped by from Michele's today, and as a journalist, I appreciate your perspectives on concocting words out of nowhere and shaping them into a fully formed and final work. It isn't easy, and I absolutely respect anyone who can pull it off.

You have every reason to be proud of yourself.

kimananda sagde ...

Hi Carmi, thanks for visiting, and for your kind words. :-)