søndag, oktober 29, 2006

My paper, now with added brevity

This time, a random Lisbon photo, from the Cidade Universitária metro station. As a six-word story, it reads 'Not Athenian, not Greek. World citizen.'

There's a meme inspired by this project going around where you get to write a story in exactly six words. As I'm editing my paper at the moment (no, it's not taking me longer to edit the thing than it took to write it, I've just been taking more breaks), I've decided to rewrite my efforts into six words. Here goes...

Blogs communicate community. Corporate blogs inform.

Yes, there you have it. The other 7000 or so words, that's just detail. Although actually, this would make for much more concise and elegant abstract than the one I've got currently.* Any comments? Hopefully, it wasn't too boring.

*Here's the real abstract, at somewhat more than 6 words. Feel free to skip this section. (Update: To those who have e-mailed me asking to see the paper, I'm not so sure. Although I did offer, I find that I'm a bit squeamish about sending out my baby to people whom I've never before heard of in any way. If I know you as a reader of/commenter on my blog, then your chances are somewhat higher.)

The discourse of the corporate blog is examined, using Laclau and Mouffe's discourse theory as a theoretical base. Through a preliminary review of discourses of communication and an analysis of selected blog review/critique sites, it is shown that personal and corporate blogs operate under different discourses, which lead to antagonism when the borders overlapping the two blog styles arise. These findings can have practical implications for corporate blogs and corporations which utilize or are considering utilizing the blog medium for communicating with the public.

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Collective Heartburn sagde ...

Perhaps the way political blogs do it. Inform AND communicate (even though many of them are full of doody).

Chloe sagde ...

that is such an interesting paper. i'd love to read more than 6 words. x

Meow sagde ...

Sounds interesting.
Hope all is well in your world.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Marion sagde ...

That sounds interesting. I imagine there's always a bit of an overlap between the two discourse modes?
I loved that six-word-exercise - I'm very much an advocate of succinctness. I really have difficulties condensing my thesis to six words though... It would be something like: Artists and museums utilise curiosity's subversiveness. I think I'm going to do that with every article and book I read from now on - it's really useful!

Daphnewood sagde ...

Kim, that sounds really good. What did you find about comment sections? In a personal blog, often subsequent posts will reflect comments. At least that is what I am noticing. But in a corporate blog...I am very curious if you looked into that at all. Can I read your paper? huh? PLEEEEEZ!

oh and I loved the 6 word stories. I have been trying to think of some myself.

Greg Mills sagde ...

Actually, Kim, this is something that has been perculating around advertising awhile. I've actually written a couple of blogs for my corporate masters, as a "character". To tell you the truth, I'm a little skeeved out by it. It gets metanarrative-y really fast.

Here are some 6 word stories:

Found the hive. Am I dying?

She left. I followed. We married.

The waxing went wrong. Solo eyebrow.

I think I found the trigger.

My date had herpes. It’s love!

Trashman, video clerk, hobo. Bad CV.

Ninjas ring doorbell. I ignore it.

Doctor, your glove is fur lined. Malpractice!

Lonely truck driver, don’t park here.

“Bring the saw. Legs won’t bend.”

Run! Ants! Big ones! With lasers!

Priest wanders to the red light.

He stayed. I stopped bathing. Peace.

I blogged. No one read it.

The new neighbor belched. Welcome!

The philosopher read, got flabby, died.

FourLegged sagde ...

"Two more."
"You're drunk!"
"Not yet."

Devil Mood sagde ...

Ah-Ha finally the abstract! :)
Why do we go to so much trouble to find things that seem so natural? lol isn't it? I'm sorry, I don't mean to be discouraging, of course.
I never heard of those authors - Sociology?
:) the 6-word project is not for me, or maybe it is...because I can't do that! lol

Jerry sagde ...

I'd offer to read it but I'm so mentally drained at this moment. I cannot even manage 6 words.

Kunstemæcker sagde ...

you just made the rest of the paper redundant. That's amazing.

Scholiast sagde ...

I'd be happy to read the long version, words really are my thing, mostly more than 6...

sophie sagde ...

Well i love that and shall
have to string six words

love the socrates quote.

have a great day:)

HB sagde ...

Jeg synes sammendraget/presentasjonen ser veldig bra ut. Du forteller hva du skal gjøre, og hvordan du har gjort det. Det er det vi trenger å vite for å bli nysgjerrig på resten!

kimananda sagde ...

Mr. Heartburn, I'm not sure that political blogs do either of those things, or corporate blogs. But I suppose they try, in a certain way!

Chloe, thank you! You are on my list, though at the rate it's taking me to edit (my breaks are lasting days at a time), it may never go out at all....

Meow, thanks! I hope all is well with you, too!

Marion, there is some overlap of course, but enough distinctivess to give me a paper, which is what counts at the moment. I am intrigued by your 6-word summary, too. I haven't done this exercise for anything else, but I think it's useful. Right now, my life could be summarized as 'Ready for holiday, buying sea monkeys.' Have I mentioned that I'm going to go for the sea monkey executive set? And where did you get yours...I can't find any here.

Daphne, you're on my list. Actually, I managed not to see too many actual company blogs, but I was surprised at the overall lack of comments given. Although, why would someone comment to a company?

Greg, I know. I'm not writing about the real world, but just about discourses. All the same, I definitely will make it to the city over Christmas so I can ask you lots of questions. Actually, wanna join forces and write a paper together?

And, the solo eyebrow one is the best. The blog one hit a little close to home. :-o

Fourlegged, nice one! ILYAIGYAPOTF.

Ms. Mood, that's absolutely it. Though I defended the obviousness of research the other day with the thought that, although we are confirming intuition, sometimes we do find that the intuitive view is wrong. I haven't disproved anyone's intuitions here, though.

And Laclau and Mouffe are in the field of political theory, I believe. Lars Qvortrup, maybe he's media theory? I'm not sure, actually.

Jerry, I know how you feel. Reading the 6 words was good enough. :-)

Kunstemæcker, that's exactly the effect I'm going for, as it means I don't have to bother editing the rest.

Scholiast, you're on my (possibly mythical) list.

Sophie, you are definitely more than able to string more than 6 words together. :-)

HB, tak for det! :-) Det er perfekt 'high praise'.

Greg Mills sagde ...

I'd happy to chat with you about any paper, or origami project you might have in mind. I'd be for shit as a contributor, however.

kimananda sagde ...

Well, then I'll just use you as a source, then. :-)