søndag, november 05, 2006

Sunday morning meta-meme

What the House of Fortune might look like if it were a real house.

The always scintillating Scholiast has tagged me to answer the following questions about blogs. As I'm studying blogs, does this post count as qualitative research?

Do you like the look and contents of your blog?
I am much more pleased with the look of my blog now that I've removed that blue gunk around the edges...basically, I've decided that I want a clean space with a focus on content. With that in mind, it's o.k. The content itself is variable. When I went through all my posts to label them, I found that there was a time, around May of this year, where I was posting really cool stuff. I'm not on a roll like that now. On the other hand, there were only a handful of posts that made me cringe and consider deleting them...and nothing so cringeworthy that they were actually deleted. I'd say that's pretty good.

Does your family know about your blog?
The main ones, yes. Both my parents read my blog. That guy on the top of the link list (the one making the whole thing unalphabetical) is my brother. Other relatives, I'm not sure if they know about it, but I would imagine not.

Can you tell your friends about your blog? Do you consider it a private thing?
I tell all my friends about my blog. A couple read it. Most others don't, and I would imagine haven't.

Do you read the blogs of those who comment on your blog? Or do you try and discover new blogs?
Yes, and sometimes yes. I have been lax in following any blog which is not on my link list, which I have been too lazy to update, but I do try to visit commenters when I can. I also try and discover new blogs, when I feel I have the time, but that's not always. It occurs to me that I've gone completely off the 'next blog' button. I used to use it compulsively, but I haven't in months.

Did your blog positively affect your mind? Give an example...
Uh...I think it does, but an example? Well, I do like posting something which I feel is interesting and/or funny and/or well-written. And funny comments, or those which express just the right mood, or make just the right point, make my day.

What does the number of visitors to your blog mean? Do you have a traffic counter?
The number of visitors means something, but not so much. I like high numbers, but the number of comments means a lot more...what's the point of having visitors if they hide in a corner and don't add anything? I do have a counter, and I do check it regularly, but it doesn't say too much to me. Though it has confirmed my suspicion that people do not, as a general rule, read blogs at the weekends.

Do you imagine what other bloggers look like?
This is an interesting question. A lot of the people whose blogs I read have their photos on-line, so I don't have to imagine. Otherwise, I suppose I don't. If bloggers want me to know what they look like, they'll show me eventually. I do, however, wonder how other bloggers imagine I would look, based on the photos that are there of me. As in, 'Do I look big in this profile pic?'

Do you think blogging has any real benefits?
To whom? To me, yes, it's great fun. To the work I could be doing otherwise, no. To friends I could be spending time with instead, no. To the world as a whole, not sure. It depends on what action is taken as a result of blogging.

Do you think that the blogosphere is a stand alone world community separated from the real world?
No, I think it's part of the real world set somewhat apart from the rest of the real world by a large virtual Japanese folding screen. People may know each other, and then know each other's blogs. Or they may know each other as bloggers, and then meet. It's not a total distinction.

Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?
I don't read political blogs, but not because they scare me, or because I'm avoiding them, but because I get my political information from other sources. It could be that I just haven't found the right political blog, though. Any suggestions?

Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful?
Depends who's doing the criticizing. I criticize my blog regularly. Others criticizing my blog is o.k., if it's done in a polite way. Actually, I'd rather have a thought-out criticism than a non-thought-out compliment.

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your blog if you died?
Nope. I suppose that someone would update my blog in the comments, to inform those I only know through blog about my demise. The blog itself would just remain until deleted for whatever reason.

Which blogger has had the greatest impression on you?
Many, many, many, for different reasons. I couldn't possibly list them all. Perhaps the most salient one at the moment, as I'm trying to blog more often than I have been, is the person who mentioned, in his two year anniversary post, but sort of in passing, that he had written, and published, 'a little more than 3500 posts'. That impressed me. And intimidated me. And, to be honest, freaked me the hell out.

Which blogger do you think is the most similar to you?
None of them? Well, a lot of those I read I find connections with in little ways, but if someone was too similar then I wouldn't read them...difference is far more interesting.

Name a song you want to listen to.
The c.d. which is being overplayed in our house at the moment is Nikka Costa's 'can'tneverdidnothin''. She is the current household Rock Mama. I suppose I'd want to listen to the title track. Or most of the others.

Tag some people.
Do I have to? Oh, o.k., then. I'm tagging some bloggers I know in real life. Fourlegged, it's time you posted again. James, I eagerly await your answers. And Ms. Black Scorpio, you know this means you, too.

20 kommentarer:

Collective Heartburn sagde ...

I am glad you tossed the blue. Or was it purple.

kimananda sagde ...

Thanks, me too! I added it in desperation to make any change to the templates that I could choose from in Blogger Beta. Then I was too depressed by the whole thing to do anything about the resulting mess, as I'm too unwilling to figure out the new coding they use. I still miss the template I had before the move, but I'm grooving on the whole tag thing (especially after focusing on user-based tags for a paper I wrote in the Spring), so I guess it's a valid trade-off.

Jack sagde ...

Please don't be freaked out by me. I enjoy blogging, or should I say I enjoy writing. I find it to be quite easy.

It was easy to come up with those posts, but the real question is not about the volume but the quality.

How many of them are really worth reading? Beats me.

kimananda sagde ...

Nope, the quality is pretty good, too. If you were just churning out drivel, I wouldn't have noticed the number. I haven't been by in a while (well, except to get the link), but I recall that the number of posts worth reading was quite high.

I find writing pretty easy, too, and I enjoy it...it's just the sheer time management I'd need to post more often that makes me in awe of you. Really.

Jack sagde ...

I understand. My time is more limited these days so I have slowed down a bit.

I am lucky in that I can compose a post fairly quickly, so it doesn't take too long to get things up and running.

Scholiast sagde ...

Well, you took up the meme quickly enough, dear :)

I'm thrilled to be called scintillating and would never dream of criticising anything on or around your blog anyway...

Greg Mills sagde ...

Sorry about... my wife's... uh... post. She was en fuego last night.

Anonym sagde ...

goddamn that was a long meme. Eventhough it was interesting I quit halfway. I'm at work you know! You should write such long posts on weekdays! ;-)

Anonym sagde ...


Collective Heartburn sagde ...

It took a while for me too after I made the trans to beta. But I've been picking through the code like a surgeon and realize it can be quite flexible. Maybe I'll find a nice cow-hide for mine.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh I didn't know your brother was a blogger! Interesting!
The house of fortune looks very neat. THat question about the death is just horrible...I think I've thought of that before and it's just so creepy...if someone just dissapeared suddenly,I would freak out.

sophie sagde ...

I love the look of your template -
it's fresh and pretty -
oh i adore the little cottage
in your photo!!!!

and i love seeing your beautiful
face in your photo:)

Meow sagde ...

Your blog looks great ... nice a clean looking.
Your answers were wonderful. I love blogging, but can't give it as much time as I used to , or as I want to, these days. Oh well.
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Maybe I should run my CSS-fingers through the template?

But right now I love your new, supersimple layout ;-)

daphnewood sagde ...

I liked how you answered the question about the blogger that is most similar to you. I too like to read blogs of people who are kind of like me but not completely. I need to connect to them in some form but I can't learn anything from a clone. In my very plain life, I crave diversity and blogging is a way I can find it. This was a fun read.

Marion sagde ...

Can't say anything new, sorry: I too love how the House of Fortune looks (template and cottage) and I particularly liked your answer about being at the same time similar to and different from other bloggers. It made me think about at which point difference makes me uncomfortable and at which point similarity becomes boring.

Tiffany sagde ...

Give me a tage, I need something like that for my blog :-)

Leslie sagde ...

Being a writer, you know how much I appreciate focus on content! (I do actually have a lot of appreciation for good design.) But bravo, I like it.

And may I boldly request more pictures of your lovely self?

kimananda sagde ...

Jack, I'm glad you understand...I was worried that you took my link as criticism rather than awe and wonder, which is what it is.

Scholiast, this was a fun meme...thanks!

Greg, no problem...I thought is was quite funny. Basically, your wife sounds funny and a bit odd (odd in a good way), which makes me think that you are both well-matched.

Kunstem..., I wrote it on Sunday. :-)

Mr. Heartburn, I may have to ask you about your findings, cause I find it really difficult.

Ms. Mood, I quite like the question about death. I see thoughts about death as a kind of zen practice. We'll all have to face it eventually, in ourselves or others, so why not ponder it?

Sophie, Thank you!

Meow, it's good to see you when you have time, and to read you when I have time. Take care as well.

Ms. Black Scorpio, thanks! You've now heard all my CSS requests. :-o

Daphnewood, thank you. I think diversity is one of the best things about blogging.

Marion, 'at which point difference makes me uncomfortable and at which point similarity becomes boring,' yep, that's a good way of putting it. Thanks!

Tiffany, tag, you're it! :-) I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Leslie, thank you! I think the content is the whole point (unless the format is really unreadable). As for more photos, it could happen...but I wouldn't count on it...I'm quite critical of photos of myself, I must confess.

Wildside Musing sagde ...

Hi, stumbled upon your blog and meme this morning and found your answers interesting, so I borrowed the questions to post and fill space over at my own. It would be interesting to see who answers and what they have to say...