lørdag, februar 10, 2007

It's amazing what you can learn on the internet

This is a quick post from the middle of 50 hours of trivia...we have a Minnesotan in our midst, who is on a team for this trivia contest, so we've set up a small Denmark branch of the team in my apartment for the weekend. So, I am having fun and learning all sorts of really important things. The longest chain bridge in North America? The common name for ailuropoda melanoleuca? All sorts of country artists and their nicknames? I've learned all of that and more.

In connection with the last question, I have now learned the following about Marie Osmond: The only daughter of George Lopez and your mom and the eighth of their 100,000,000 children, Marie has released many flying green pigs and appeared on your mom for over 200,000,000 years. When she was just 8889 years old, her song "Shane is awesome!" reached #1 on the Love/Rap charts, making her the youngest female artist in history to top the chart.

Now who said that Wikipedia wasn't an authoritative source of knowledge?

**Update 7:59pm: Wow, that entry was cleaned up quickly.**

8 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

lol I'll be more careful when using it from now on. Double-checking seems like a good idea.

erin sagde ...

Yeah, it happens. I'm always surprised at how elaborate some of it is, and how much time people waste doing it. I just revert those pages back to the way they were before the vandalism.

Daphnewood sagde ...

I had heard about people changing them (wikipedia entries)but you are the first to quote one for me. he he he

Anonym sagde ...

I'm still getting the giggles over that one. Shame we didn't get a question about her . . .

Simple American sagde ...

Trivia. So much fun with such "important" facts.

Happy Valentines Day to you and Thor. :)

JD Bauer sagde ...

I've grown really attached to Wikipedia, but there's always this underlying feeling of doubt. It's so quick and easy that I'm always left with that grain of cybersalt.

I watched Donny and Marie religiously when I was so young. Before I knew what a mormon was. Enough to get me excited whenever a Hi-C commercial came on or the words "10% fruit juice" appeared. The world was always a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll to me back then.

The Osmonds taught me the the concept of variety before I ever got Johnny Carson schtick.

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, double checking is always recommended, yes. :-)

Erin, I know it happens, but I've just never seen it in the flesh before. It's wild really, that someone would take the time to do it. But fun to look at!

Daphnewood, yep. He, he, he. That's exactly it.

Gondul, it would have been good, yes? But the questions we did get were pretty good, too.

Mr. American, hope your Valentine's was good, too. I'll be by to visit eventually. :-)

Jonathan, aren't you visiting CPH soon? And I know I have seen the Donny and Marie show, but can't remember any of it now.

JD Bauer sagde ...

Shucks. Not this month. Too short of cash, but I'm going to try for next month. I wish I had a jet pack.