fredag, februar 16, 2007

Not thesis angst. Thesis joy.

Yes, I'm obsessed. To the point where I can't seem to blog, or visit blogs, to the point where if it's not specifically on my schedule of things to do, then it just won't get done, because I can't do it because I'm too busy being obsessed. But obsessed in a good way.

I mark my obsession by giving myself a piece of chocolate after every 500 reasonably usable words in my draft. It's amazing how much effort I can spend just to get that next piece of chocolate. It's teaching me about limits, too. I believe that 3 chocolates worth of work is about the most I can produce in one day, if I'm not teaching as well, that is. If I have a full day of work, then 1 chocolate is just fine, thank you.

Today I had my first celebration, to mark my thesis reaching the magic 5-digit mark. 10007 words as of 4 o'clock today. Going out to celebrate a paper. I don't believe I have ever done this before. For sure I will do it again, when the time is right.

By the way, just to introduce you all, my thesis is called Tristino (Tristino Sade actually...he's an anagram). He actually started as the thesis for the last degree I did, but quite frankly, I didn't treat him very well that time. So I'm hoping to make it up to him now. Thor is very supportive considering that I'm obsessed with another man, but then again, clearly I couldn't really get very intimate with Tristino now, could I? Paper cuts, you know. Silly as it may sound, my relationship with Tristino is very personally fulfilling, and sort of maternal, seeing him grow and develop and all that is extremely rewarding.

So, if you ever wonder where I am over the next few months, well, there it is. Obsession has stolen me away.

*image from And this really is my reward chocolate. It comes in 10,000 word boxes.*

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Rich Dunbeck sagde ...

Wow. 10000+ words! Congratulations on that.

I like that chocolate idea. That sounds like something that could make writing any paper a whole lot more enjoyable.

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh my God, this is so funny! I was given one huge box of Mercis on my birthday and they were, sort of...hidden on top of some bookshelves, and when I was writing at night I'd eat one or two very ritually too.
But I wouldn't count words..I'm not that...Virgo!
You're thesis is a man? he he a sad man, reminds me of Pierrot. It's the kind of man you want to hug and nurture, is it? ;)

kimananda sagde ...

Rich, thanks! I'm quite pleased, and looking forward to 15,000 now (I'm at 11,500, so it'll happen soon enough). And the chocolate is yummy. I'm surprised I've managed to use it just for rewards.

M. Mood, it may be Virgo to count words, but then how do you account for all the thousands of counting NaNoWriMo people every November? I am obsessive in my Virgoness (or Virgo in my obsessiveness), but many who have word count requirements are (28,000 words...the maximum for this quite overwhelming, really, so I'm just breaking it down). It's only the Sagittarians who can be fancy free and not worry about word count. ;-)

And as for Tristino, he is a he (I mean, otherwise, he'd have to be Tristina, yes?), but interestingly, I have no image of him as a person. His physical being really is my thesis printed out, or on the screen. I also don't have any sense of him as being any age, so he's not an adult whom I can romance, or a baby I can take care of, or anything like that. My inner pop psychologist tells me that he's my way of making my thesis more tangible so that I can bond with it better (my last thesis, and now because I'm bonding with this one fine anyway, then the anthropomorphism is even stronger), and that it is a way for me to visualize all the intangible things that go into a project like this, my thoughts, logical arguements, inspirations, and so on. So, I don't want to hug and nurture Tristino, but I want to hug and nurture my own academic growth. And, it makes it easier for my friends and family to ask about him than to ask about my thesis, for some reason.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

did you change your blog listing??? Because I was getting a bad error, but then I saw your comment on someones post and VaLa.. here you are.
I'm happy !!!!

Annemarie sagde ...

Choclate, lovely topic! And I hope to see Tristino when he's a big boy... Give him strong bones and muscles!

Devil Mood sagde ...

Oh, of course you need to count the words. It's a little nerve-wrecking. But only after 500 can you eat a chocolate bar ;) I'm teasing you, I think that organization skills are great, I try to make myself some rules like that sometimes (I have Virgo in my 6th house!) and I like it.
And it's a brilliant idea to 'anthropomorphise' the thesis! I've never thought of anything like that before...why? Why didn't you teach me these brilliant ideas before? :)

roro sagde ...

Congrats on your 10,000 words! That's tremendous. I need to get back on the chocolate-as-incentive train - lately, I've been using naps as my incentive and find that I am far less productive. Turn on computer - take a nap - check email - take a nap - write two lines - take a nap - dinner. Not so productive.

Sophie sagde ...

an affair of the mind i see!

chocolate is incredibly rewarding-
especially Godiva!


Simple American sagde ...


Finally I learn the secret to writing. You have inspited me. :)

erin sagde ...

Motivation's hard sometimes, so whatever works is good. May as well be chocolate because that's good too. :)

Marion sagde ...

So I suppose you won't be fasting this year? :-) Joke aside, I believe counting in chocolates rather than words is a brilliant idea. The only thing that keeps me going is a latte with a chocolate bar after lunch. Every day.

Greg Mills sagde ...

Honestly Kim, you can't count your various "anyhoo"s as words. And you're not fooling anyone with those "huzzah"s and "fo'shizzle"s.

Sophie sagde ...

Kim - i am in Seattle all the time - it's a great place to
take photos -

i will drive to Seattle to visit you for coffee!!!

so don't forget me or i shall be


Neets sagde ...

I had been to a trip with my friends from office. The loads of left over biscuits and chocolates have been distributed and kept in our cupboards. now we have a nice excuse to move about to eachother's cupboards and demand for some goodies... how else to escape from the ill effects of our sedentary work ?
I should perhaps put my manager on to you, you could teach him thing or two about quantifying and rewardign work in chocolates- our whole team would transform into super-men and women.
10000+ words Mubarak! (mubarak=congrats) I like the idea of referign to your thesis as a guy! Like the name tooo. :) good goin! Nice to see you in action tooo!

kimananda sagde ...

Day, I'm glad you found me! I didn't change anything, but I know that Blogger can be weird sometimes....

Annemarie, right at the moment, Tristino seems like a terrible bully. But I know that'll pass. I hope.

Ms. Mood, I anthropomorphise's sort of what I do. I don't know why, but it works for me.

Roro, I've tried the nap idea as well, and you're right, it isn't as productive. But if you need the sleep, it's fabulous!

Sophie, yes, an affair of the mind. And the will. And I will not forget you...I'll be in Seattle around the 10th and 11th of April.

Mr. American, I'm glad I could have given me some great ideas in the past, too!

Erin, yep, motivation is a bitch. Actually the secret is to plan a big holiday in the middle of the writing period. I would probably not have even started except that I know that I have a month away from the thesis coming up soon. I recommend it.

Marion, everyday? Sounds good to me.

Greg, no actually 'huzzah' is a valid word in the information science field. And, more seriously, references count as part of the word limit. So, 2 pages of text with 57 pages of references. Easy! ;-)

Neets, yes, spread the idea of the reward chocolate far and wide! And let me know how it goes. :-)

HB sagde ...

God påske!

Anonym sagde ...

hello? where are you? I am going to send an email now

marybishop sagde ...

Loved this entry especially this: I couldn't really get very intimate with Tristino now, could I? Paper cuts, you know.

Had me laughing out loud -- I love it.

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