tirsdag, marts 06, 2007

Thoughts after reading Pride and Prejudice

First thought: I must not be quite so obsessed as I make out, seeing I could find the time to read a book which I can't even put in the reference section of my thesis. And I plan to do it again, quite soon.

Second thought: I so cannot even bring myself to write anything non-thesis related, even a simple blog post, so maybe I am that obsessed after all.

Third thought: to Sophie for once drawing a connection between me and Elizabeth Bennet, bless you, bless you, bless you. If only it were even close to being so.

Last thought: for daring to think that all of my romantic blog friends who seem to think that P & P is somehow intimately connected to the state of the universe as a whole, were wrong. I was wrong. It is intimately connected to the state of the universe. I had no idea. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

Unrelated thought: I can't tell if I'm satisfying my New Year's Resolutions or not. P & P was my read for February, but I finished it in the beginning of March...so does that count? My thesis is not done, but it is definitely winding down, and I'm already doing as much nuancing and editing as basic content writing...so does that count? You may all decide, if you wish. As for me, I feel satisfied. Mentally tired, but satisfied.

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Anonym sagde ...

poor poor you :-)

Simple American sagde ...

If your satisfied, I'm satisfied.

Though I'm still trying to figure out why 42 is the answer to the universe.

Vesper sagde ...

i'm a lit major, and i still haven't read that one! i do tend to concentrate on works from 1900 onward...and i concentrate even more on literary theory...so this probably explains it.

HB sagde ...

Nå fikk jeg lyst til å lese "Stolthet og fordom" en gang til. Først må jeg bare rette over 30 oppgaver på 4000 ord, og skrive en knall forelesning. Før tirsdag. Angst!

roro sagde ...

Are you SURE you can't put P&P in the reference section of your thesis? It might blow the lid off the whole thing!

Greg Mills sagde ...

Pride and Prejudice is actually a pretty funny book, in a sort of not-funny way.

The Greer Garson/Laurence Olivier film version is good. Aldous Huxley adapted the novel.

I also enjoy the Cannibal Corpse song, "Exhume to Consume" because I am well rounded as a person.

Marion sagde ...

Seems like I'll have to read that one too. Sigh. Four more sea monkey babies in Manchester -- how about Denmark? Did you try again? :-)

Devil Mood sagde ...

I'm happy for you and I'll tell you why in a very organized manner:

1st because you're not so obsessed as you thought you were;

2nd because you're satisfied with your accomplishments so far, which makes me happy too;

And I'll give you two unrelated thoughts as well (I'm not that good at immitating you, I'm afraid):
a) I've never read that book but I want to, and I want to even more now :)
b) I've e-mailed a friend about that subject you mentioned on your last e-mail and I'm waiting for a reply.

Wasn't that neat? ;P
Come to Portugal, I'll make you sardinhas like you've never tasted before. LOL I know you don't like them, I'm kidding! Am I allowed to make such long comments, by the way?

KB sagde ...

Glad you've been converted on the P & P issue. It would have been tragic if you'd lived your whole life under the wrong impression ;)

Sophie sagde ...

You are Elizabeth.

You are indeed.

And i have earmarked the dates and
we are going to have a marvellous
chat over tea!

Morose sagde ...

I was a lit major who never read it and I refuse, to this day, to read it! I had enough bad eighteenth-century-realism shoved down my throat. All I read these days are the writings of crackpot mystics and scientists. I'm on Reich's "character Analysis" currently.

Anonym sagde ...

I just don't read books like I used to.

al-Ferengi sagde ...


Tagged supermarket XD

Anonym sagde ...


Lotus Reads sagde ...

Oh dear, I feel terrible, I have watched nearly all the screen versions of "Pride and Prejudice" but I haven't read the book yet! Must remedy that soon!

Vesper sagde ...

I will be password protecting my blog sometime within the next couple days. If you want to continue accessing my blog and want to obtain a password, please email me: vesper7@gmail.com.

Maddy sagde ...

hi cutie!!

just popping by!

Marion sagde ...

Hello Kim, how's the writing going?

Maddie sagde ...

I am just happy you are back -
with passion for writing in tow:)

Remember the book I bought with you?

It's brilliant.