lørdag, maj 19, 2007

Feeling sluggish

Yes, sluggish. At the moment, It seems I am just waiting for life-changing things to happen (several of them, all at once, some potentially really good, some really bad), and waiting leads to intertia. I don't recommend it.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago, I took up running, and seem to be sticking with it. It's fun, and seems to actually make a positive difference to my stress level. It also makes me aware of the woods behind my house, which I tend to neglect, but which shouldn't be neglected, especially in May (the most beautiful Danish month, bar none). I've started out slowly with the whole running thing, doing a run/walk program to build up to a 30-minute run, all in the woods. To while away the time while running, I think, ponder and muse. And listen to instructions on my iPod. On the days when it's rained (or when it's raining), I play some games. The first game is called running in the mud. It's fun, except for the doubling back when I reach a lake of water completely covering my path. The second though is my favorite. I fondly call it DON'T STEP ON THE SLUG! I love the slugs. Especially the bright orange ones, which could well be my second-favorite slug color of all time (well, as a third-generation native Bay Arean, my true slug love must be banana colored).

Yes, I know that this slug is clearly not in the woods. In the time it took to go and get my camera after my run, the word had spread and all the slugs had crawled away to hide. This slug on the pavement towards home clearly hadn't gotten the memo, and nicely posed for me.

So, that's my May so far. How about yours? What are you doing to relieve your stress and/or celebrate your lack thereof?

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erin sagde ...

I love banana slugs too. They're definitely the best kind.

roro sagde ...

Argh! I hate the waiting! Hope things work out the way you want.

As for the running, I'm very impressed. In anticipation of having a dog sometime soon, I've taken up walking (I know, I know, baby steps). I'm lazy by nature but am finding that when I miss my daily walk, I get anxious and restless. Reading your post has inspired me to get outide again right now - before it starts to rain again!

Devil Mood sagde ...

I've never seen slugs like that! Well, I don't have any kind of forest around me, unfortunately.
I wouldn't last a minute running, it's not my kind of exercise but I admire people who can. I'm more into dancing. I have stress for not having stress (it's complicated).
Give my best to Tristino!

LeighAnn sagde ...

I want to go running!! And to have a forest in your backyard, that is incredible!! I will be going to the woods in a week. I can't wait!!

And I have never even seen a slug.....except for me, of course!!

JD Bauer sagde ...


Unfortunately I've been eating more to curb my stress level, but I have seriously considered running. I live across from the forest and I have no excuse.

Other than that I agree that May is gorgeous and it's been a great month. We bought a grill and we're enjoying vores store have!

Kunstemæcker sagde ...

I got fed up with waiting so I quit my job. I end my contract in september and I already got a new one.

HB sagde ...

"It seems I am just waiting for life-changing things to happen"

Me too! As you know already. Hopefully I'll know a little more by the end of the month. Good luck with waiting and running! Have you read the book "Memory of running" by Ron McLarty?

Marion sagde ...

I don't know about the waiting thing. A friend of mine said recently: I don't do things, things come to me. It seems to work out for him, but whenever I am just waiting, nothing seems to happen. But sometimes you just can't avoid the limbo state.

Anyway, we found a slug in our kitchen the other day--it started out with slimy traces everywhere, and the beast was bold enough to hide for two days before showing its hideous feelered face underneath a box of cereals!

Maddie sagde ...

did you say running?

Oh - that word makes me run for my
bed and hide with the covers pulled
over my head!

Good for you!


Simple American sagde ...

I have woods behind my community. Should really explore em sometime.

al-Ferengi sagde ...

I feel froggish, and hope to leap to better times. Those without hayfever, that is :D
(plan on showing Thursday, any things I need to bring, know, etc.?)

JD Bauer sagde ...

I saw a black slug today eating a leaf

Simple American sagde ...

Meme completed. Hope I got it right. :)

kimananda sagde ...

Erin, they are the best. It's a simple fact.

Roro, I think walking is the coolest, not baby steps at all. I'm really liking the running, too, but I've done a lot of walking. And I look forward to hearing about life when you get a dog!

Ms. Mood, aren't there forests sort of near you? I think forests would be good for dancing, too.

Leighann, go to the woods (there are lots of woods in the Bay Area) and look for slugs. You are not a slug, but if you were, it would be o.k., because slugs are actually pretty cool.

Jonathan, any photos of the black slug? And I heard from my boyfriend before moving to Denmark that almost all the woods were gone ages ago...but there seem to be tiny forests everywhere! It's one of the things I like best about here.

Kunstemæcker, that sounds cool and proactive. Alas, I'm waiting for some things where I can't just take action, I really have to wait. Which sucks.

HB, I haven't read the book, but I looked it up, and it is now on my list. I'm reading a lot of websites about running, but that's not exactly the same, is it?

Marion, I've been trying in recent years (maybe longer) to not just wait for things to happen. But it does seem to work for some people. And, slug under the cereal...ewwwww!

Maddie, I must confess, I sorta feel the same way about yoga! I try it out periodically because I like the idea, but I just can't stick it. Though as I get in better shape from running, perhaps I'll try it one more time.

Mr. American, woods are always nice...take a romantic walk with the missus, maybe. And I loved your book meme. :-)

Ms. Black Scorpio, I don't think you need to bring anything, except yourself, or to know anything except what you know already (and what was in the e-mail). It'll be fun to see you there! :-)