søndag, juli 01, 2007

Two-year-old house

Well, the first year was the year where I figured out how it all worked. The second year is where life interrupted and kept me from showing off my blogging skills, such as they are. Now it's time to see what the third year brings. In the meantime, have some celebratory birthday cake. It's 'Steelhead cheesecake' (from the Steelhead brewpub), and I think it's rather good.

8 kommentarer:

theblackscorpio sagde ...

Congratulations on you blog :o) I'll read it the next two years, in fact, I plan to REALLY have it under strict surveillance XD

Annemarie sagde ...

Oh, it's the house of fortune's birthday? Congrats! The cake looks really good. But I really need to have it in real, you know, so I can actually eat it. I'll see if the kitchen is available today. And if not, we've to repeat the celebration next week I think.

Devil Mood sagde ...

It looks delicious and it has candles and everything! Congratulations! The number three is very powerful - there's all sorts of sayings about it, so the 3rd year will definitely be important.
Keep the house up and running.

Gondul sagde ...

Blessings be upon this house.

KB sagde ...

Glad you've returned home! Houses are meant to be lived in :)

HB sagde ...

Gratulerer med toårsdagen!

Simple American sagde ...

Happy Anniversary! Looking forward to seeing where you will take us in year three. :)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Black Scorpio, thanks! I look forward to it.

Annemarie, the kitchen was closed, wasn't it? No matter, I'm sure we can find something even better in the next week or so.

Ms. Mood, I do like the symbolism of number 3, though I could frankly use the stability of number 4 right about now. ;-) I will perhaps lay the groundwork for that stability in the year.

Gondul, thank you. :-)

KB, yep, I come back periodically, and it's nice to be here. And that goes for just about all the houses it might be imagined to apply to (blog house, house in California, house in Denmark).

HB, tak for det!

Mr. American, thanks...I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads as well. I have plans to do a lot of hard work in other areas of my life this next year, and it will be interesting to see how it is all reflected in the blog.