søndag, september 30, 2007

Growing up means learning what you cannot do

So, I used to believe that women could multitask. In particular, I believed that I could multitask. But the more I have to do, the clearer it becomes that I don't really multitask at all. For example, at this point in time, I have at least 3 major pulls on my time and resources. So, of course, I'm totally focusing on the one that is least urgent, and letting the other ones go to seed. When the one thing is done, or more likely when I'm bored of it, then I will turn my obsessions to something that is hopefully, but not necessarily more useful.

That's not to mention all the things which could rightfully draw my attention which are not in that magical top three. For example, the least urgent task (that I'm most working on now) is not related to this spa, though if it was, I would be spending my time debating whether the 'SpaLuxsus' package is too extensive, and if so, would the 'Ny Energi' package offer enough treatments? At the same time, the more important things are not related to my blog, or any other writing that I might be doing for expression, even though that would be far more important now than just about anything else.

Can you multitask? No, really, can you? Or is there anything else that you used to do, or think that you used to do, where now you're not so sure?

*More photos of food from the files. I'm not focusing on this either, though actually, a peppermint malt would be really nice right now. Of course, I'd have to go to Palo Alto to get one as good as this one.*

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Anonym sagde ...

Well being the type of person who is bored very easily I am always involved in to much and have to multi task just to get keep my brain interested.

roro sagde ...

You are not alone. I am incapable of multi-tasking. I am a proud uni-tasker. I can only focus on or think about one thing at a time. I think I'm going to start putting "uni-tasker" on my resume, just for the shock value.

Nice spa!

theblackscorpio sagde ...

(w00t, new lay :o) )

Noone really can multitask, I've heard. People just switch quickly from one to the other. Women had to both collect food, watch the baby and get away from sabretooth tigers, who wanted to eat their babies, therefore they may be more apt in switching focus really fast between different subjects. But noone really can multitask. I am too tired to dig up that article, that says so, but it's out there :o)

Devil Mood sagde ...

The question for me would be: can you task at all?
I can't seem to finish anything I do, my dedication-span in minimal. I lack a lot of discipline.

Now that I mention it, I read today on an astrology blog how people secretly want to be like the sign 90 degrees ahead of them. I think in my case it might be the opposite - some Virgo qualities would do me very good.

sangroncito sagde ...

My ability to multi-task is diminishing as the cachaça kills off my brain cells several million per gulp.

kimananda sagde ...

Day, I can see that. It is hard to keep interest in something, I find. I'm impressed that you can do it.

Roro, I love the term 'uni-tasking'. Though maybe on your resume you should put 'able to focus deeply on a single issue'.

Ms. Black Scorpio, I'd love to see that article. It doesn't surprise me somehow.

Ms. Mood, yes! That is it for me, too. It's a struggle to follow through. Though if you think back on what you have done, I'm sure you'll find that you do follow through on some things, so for example, your psychology degree, your blogging seminar paper, your script. I describe my procrastination and my lack of focus, and then think that if someone only knew me from my description, they'd expect me to be a high school drop-out who can't hold down a job.

As for the astrology blog, I have no desire to be a Pisces, unless it's so secret that it's also a secret from myself. I'm growing into my Virgo-ness as I age, I think.

Sangroncito, I've heard that cachaça kills off the liver, but never that it kills off brain cells. Though as I ponder what a caipirinha hangover can be like, it seems to make more sense somehow!

Devil Mood sagde ...

lol No, I think people know you do work a lot and get many things done :)

The theory was that you'd wish to be a Saggitarius, I should be the one that wished I was a Pisces. But I think you're fine as you are.

Simple American sagde ...

Does multitasking include analyzing financial stuff, IMing with folks, and writing a blog post/reading a blog post count? Though blogging usually gets the nod over all. You know? When push comes to shove.