onsdag, november 28, 2007

Brain Freeze

I do wonder, as the month of November slowly winds down, if there are any people doing NaBloPoMo who are creating blog posts which read, in their entirety, things like 'Here's the post for today,' or 'One more down, two more to go.' It seems slightly tempting to me, as I seem to be suffering from brain freeze (not the kind you get by drinking your Slurpee too fast, but a more literal kind). Everything is stalled out. It's all very Escher-esque, a bit of climbing a staircase for eternity and never actually getting anywhere.

Actually, to reference a post from earlier this month, everything is grey. And while grey is still my favorite color, it may be time to add some splashes of real color to the mix. How best to do this? I welcome all suggestions.

*One of the things I got to see this past weekend at the Escher museum in the Hague. And yes, I realize that I'd have something specific to blog about, if I'd just find the cord to hook up my camera to my computer so I could download my Holland photos.*

4 kommentarer:

Devil Mood sagde ...

I love Escher, fabulous stuff!
That library with the stairs is amazing. I also have a couple of puzzles with his drawings that can tie your brain in knots.

My brain would've frozen a long time ago having to post everyday :)

Maddie sagde ...


I love vibrant flowers and
books to read with colorful
locales and characters:)

kimananda sagde ...

Ms. Mood, I was so impressed with this museum. It has almost all his works, and a floor of interactive Escher themed areas, for exploring optical illusions, perspective, stuff like that. I'd highly recommend it...The Hague is worth a visit anyway, but especially to see this museum. And my brain seems to be very slowly unfreezing. I hope!

Maddie, good idea with the flowers. And the reading, though at the moment, my reading seems to be blogs, academic stuff, and baby books!

theblackscorpio sagde ...

I think, I have photos from a Legobrick version opf that staircase :D

Also, I'm sorry for the lack of commentary, currently all available work memory of my brain is used for PHP and the paper. But I do swing by your blog on a regular basis, you Great person :o)