tirsdag, november 27, 2007

On being tired

The problem with starting with a title like that is that, in order to write something meaningful, one needs a certain amount of alertness. Which I do not exactly have at the moment. So, here are the thoughts running through my head, in no particular order. And, no, I don't believe they are in any way connected to each other, or even to reality.

1) Some synapse in my brain has snapped, and as a result food tastes so much more real and decadent and luxurious than it did before. I hope this sensation lasts beyond May, but it probably won't.

2) I am trying to pack in as many teaching hours as possible into the next 3 weeks, in order to get as many of my classes finished before Christmas (or at least by the middle of January), so that I can take on as much work as possible as early as possible in January, so that I can teach all the way through all of those classes before going on leave. Perhaps this is a case of trying too hard to be helpful. This morning, I had 3 Fridays free in December. Now, several hours later, I only have 1. Yep, trying too hard, that's me.

3) Last night, I sent out a cry for help, in the form of ice cream, chocolate with pieces of things in it. Thor responded with a dash to the store (it was 10 minutes before closing) and returned with a carton of Ben & Jerry's. The dilemma: Should I be simply appreciative of the gesture, or more annoyed that it was his repeated references to ice cream over the previous two days that led to the craving in the first place. Answer: I'm appreciative. It was damn good ice cream (see item #1 for more details).

4) I keep saving this post as a draft, and opening a new post window, so that I can write about something real, like with a topic or something. Only to realize that I can't do it at the moment, so then I come back to this one.

5) Oh, and syrup waffles (stroopwafels in Dutch). I can't believe I'd never had one before. But now, I have had lots, including freshly made large ones. They're delicious (back to item #1 again). I promise photographic proof, as well as other visual tidbits from Holland, as soon as I'm awake enough to connect my camera to my computer.

5 kommentarer:

Annemarie sagde ...

despite the title and being tired myself, I finished till the last letter of your post. So, enjoy the food! I'm taking care of the cheese... lovely.

DayByDay4-2Day sagde ...

my hubby had all the cravings instead of me... of course I think I gained for both of us.

Chloe sagde ...

you are so funny Kim, i hope your baby gets your genes (maybe Thor is funny too but i read YOUR blog ok?)

Devil Mood sagde ...

I'm so hungry now!!!
Tiredness leads me to hunger too...ahhh ice cream with things in it...YUM!

kimananda sagde ...

Annemarie, the stroopwafels are delicious! And I'm sure you're feeling the same about the cheese.

Day, I'm maybe just beginning to get cravings now...but really, it's just fun eating. And I'm slowly gaining for a whole village!

Chloe, thank you! And I can think of some things that I hope the baby gets from me, and some things that it's better they stay with me.

Ms. Mood, yep, that ice cream was pretty good...and the things in it...there were walnuts, and dark chocolate and white chocolate chunks. I highly recommend it!